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If you’re a mature woman in Philadelphia, we’re sure you’ve had a bad boyfriend or two in the past. Hey, it’s nothing to feel guilty about. As a reputable King of Prussia dating service, we’ve heard our fair share of horror stories from clients.

While you can change the past, you can be more cautious with your future. It helps to know what you’re looking for so you can avoid it the next time around. Our King of Prussia dating service encourages you to view relationships as a teaching ground. The good and the bad, we want you to learn many valuable lessons from them.

With that being said, bad boyfriends aren’t going anywhere. Unfortunately, there are a ton of bad boyfriends out there. Do you feel like you got stuck with a bad boyfriend?

5 Signs He’s a Bad Boyfriend

Today, our King of Prussia dating service is going to show you telltale warning signs he’s a bad boyfriend.

  1. He makes you feel guilty for being happy.

There are guys out there who are only happy when good things are going on in their lives. These are the guys that will not be happy when you’re happy.

If you go away for a weekend trip with the girls on a trip and come back happy and excited, he won’t be happy for you. He’ll likely pout because you were having a good time. If you feel like you are walking on eggshells just to keep him happy, then he’s definitely a bad boyfriend.

  1. He always falls through with your plans.

If you’re dating a guy that is always cancelling plans with you or making excuses about going, then he’s definitely a bad boyfriend. Ghosting can happen at any point during dating. In turn, it makes being involved with that person tiresome. A guy who is constantly cancelling plans on you or doesn’t care enough to put in the time to go out on dates doesn’t really care about you.

  1. He’s always texting his ex.

This one happens so often that you probably rolled your eyes just reading the title. How many times have we heard: “She’s a good friend” or that there’s nothing going on? You want to believe that he’s telling the truth, but it really depends on the type of guy he is. We’re not saying that guys can’t be friends with their ex. But how much time is he spending talking to her?

No girl wants to waste her precious time with a guy who’s not over his ex. If you find your guys is constantly texting his ex and doesn’t have a valid excuse, it might be time to walk away. Leave him be. How much do you want to bet he goes back to his ex?

  1. He lies over little things.

You will know that you have a bad boyfriend when you catch him lying all the time. We’re not even talking about big lies here. We are talking about situations where someone really has no reason to lie. If your boyfriend starts lying about little things, then he will probably lie about anything.

Don’t stick with a guy who is constantly lying to you. You don’t deserve to be with a liar. You will always be wondering if he’s lying or telling the truth. Take it from our matchmakers, this isn’t the type of relationship you want to be in.

  1. He keeps you away from things you love.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your hobbies and interests or friends and family. If your guy keeps you from doing things you love – scrapbooking, working out, concertgoing – he is selfish. You might even say he’s controlling. He’s isolating you from having your own life and friends outside of the relationship. This is not healthy and will make you feel suffocated. Above all, this guy will eventually suck the life right out of you.

How many of these bad boyfriend warning signs do you see in your guy? Is he a bad partner? Is it time to walk away?

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