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With the new year almost here, everyone’s rushing to make resolutions for 2020. Our King of Prussia matchmakers know that one of the most desired wishes, from both men and women, is to find love.

If you were lonely and unhappy with your dating life in 2019, you’ll have to make a few changes in 2020. This helpful dating blog from our King of Prussia matchmakers will provide you with some wonderful dating resolutions for 2020.

Say goodbye to 2019 and get ready for a great year ahead!

Top Dating Resolutions for 2020

Today our King of Prussia matchmaker are going to reveal the top dating resolutions for 2020. These dating resolutions will improve your romantic life and ultimately help you find love in the new year!

  1. Embrace being single.

You might be thinking that we’re crazy, right? Hang on, hear us out. If you’re unhappy being single and have been for a long time, then it might be affecting your ability to find love.

Look at it this way: being in a relationship is a deep need. If you want one and can’t have one, it can make you feel unhappy and depressed. Anyone you talk to or want to date is going to notice that about you. And if you appear to be bitter or desperate, it’s not attractive at all. Furthermore, it’s a major dating red flag.

In other words, the best way of getting quality dates in 2020 is to embrace being single. Not in the sense that you are happy being alone, but by living your best life and making the best out of being single. Your fulfillment and happiness with yourself and your life with show. People will be drawn to you because you’re a happy person.

  1. Improve your personality.

If you’re single, you might need help in the looks department. Most people are generally aware of things they can do to improve their image and resolutions are made for that. It’s easy to look in a mirror or at a picture and know you need to lose a few pounds. So definitely make that your goal.

But looks aren’t everything. Your personality plays a huge role in your dating life too. However, few people are willing to work on their personality flaws.

You need to work on being independent and more confident. Furthermore, you can even improve your sense of humor and become more charming. Having a great personality will draw people in. After all, looks can only take you so far.

  1. Move on from uninterested people.

Rejection is not an easy thing to handle. Our King of Prussia matchmakers know it’s not easy to accept either. But it could be beneficial to your dating life to move on from someone who isn’t interested in dating you.

It’s easy to convince yourself that someone is just playing hard to get or that they will one day come around. But as a general rule, people will show you if they are interested in the beginning. But don’t worry – there are plenty of fish in the sea. Believe us, moving on from someone who isn’t interested in dating you will put you one step closer to finding the one.

Dating can feel like a part-time job at times. But it doesn’t need to feel that way. Whether you want to be in a committed relationship or just meet new people, a few New Years resolutions will get you get where you want to be.

From our King of Prussia matchmakers, we wish you a happy new year filled with love and happiness!

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