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Do you have a suspicion that your boyfriend is thinking about proposing to you? Lots of little signs are starting to come up, and you are beginning to think that he may actually get down on one knee soon. Oh, we’re so excited for you! Let our Philadelphia dating service go over a few telltale clues with you!

The idea is super exciting, or maybe surprising to you. But if you are really in love and it is indeed true, you need to do your part now. Pay closer attention to his action and words to try to figure out if he’s really going to propose.

Top Signs He’s Ready to Propose

Today, our Philadelphia dating service is going to show you the top signs he’s about to propose. Get ready to find out if your sneaking suspicions are true.

  1. He’s been acting secretive.

If your boyfriend has been acting like a cat who ate a mouse, he may be secretly planning the ideal proposal. If he spends way too much time making shady phone calls behind closed doors, it’s because he doesn’t want you to find out what he’s doing. Don’t jump to conclusions about him doing something bad behind your back, though. Give your boyfriend the benefit of the doubt that he’s making plans for a great proposal. Don’t snoop or eavesdrop and ruin the surprise for both of you.

  1. He’s been talking to your parents.

If your boyfriend doesn’t talk to your parents much and suddenly becomes super friendly with them, there’s a reason. In other words, he’s probably trying to get on their good side. Your boyfriend may take it as a far as going golfing with your dad or taking your mom to the farmers’ market. These things are certainly nice gestures on his part. Furthermore, he’s testing the waters to see if he’s right for you and that your parents approve too. Call it old-fashioned, but even in today’s modern dating world, many men ask for their girlfriend’s hand to get married.

  1. Your mom has started avoiding you.

If he’s planning the ideal proposal, there’s a good chance he’s already told your mom about it. In other words, she’s in the know and doing whatever she can to keep the secret away from you. The last thing she wants to do is to lie to you, but she also doesn’t want to ruin the biggest surprise of your life. The only thing she can do is avoid you at all costs. So if she’s ghosting you or gives you lame excuses why she can’t go with you to the grocery store, don’t be surprised. She might be trying to avoid spilling the beans before the big day. Pay attention and give your mom a little break. In other words, she’s doing everything she can to save the big surprise for you.

  1. He gets happy when it comes to babies.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes, well, you know what comes next. Along with your man’s plans to propose to you, he’s probably been thinking about starting a family with you. If he’s ready to spend the rest of his life with you, he is likely to be thinking about starting a family.

If he never much cared for babies before and is now in full daddy mode, get ready because he’s ready to propose to you.

  1. He’s been cautious with money lately.

Even though it’s the holidays and usually spends a lot of money on gifts for friends and families, you’ve noticed a change. This year, he’s being very cautious with how he spends money. If his salary is the same and you’re not actively saving for anything together, his spending habits shouldn’t have drastically changed. But take it as a good thing if he’s suddenly tightened his wallet. In other words, he is cutting costs where he can in order to save for something – perhaps it’s the perfect ring for you.

What do you say, is he going to propose soon? Do you think the big day is right around the corner? Then a big congrats to you!

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