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Sure, you can say that you don’t care how a guy looks, but on some level, you know you’re lying. Mature women in Philadelphia say it all the time. But we all know that looks do matter when it comes to dating. Here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service, we know that looks are very important to develop a connection with someone. The question is, do they matter enough to keep you from dating a guy you’re not totally head over heels for right away. Or can your feelings develop later on?

Reasons to Give Him a Chance

Mature women in Philadelphia, listen up! You don’t want to pass on a potentially great guy because you don’t feel immediate sparks. Today, our Philadelphia matchmakers are going to show you the top reasons to give him a chance – even if you don’t feel the spark right away.

  1. Think about the real reasons why you’re dating.

There’s a difference between dating someone who’s your ideal type and dating someone you’re settling for. Are you in a rush to be in a relationship? Sick to death of being single and alone? Are you just looking for someone to cuddle and watch movies with? Then maybe that’s why you’re not attracted to this guy. You know deep down you’re settling, and your gut is trying to warn you.

  1. Having things in common is important.

It takes a lot of time to figure out if you’re attracted to someone. You have to spend time with them in order to discover if the two of you have anything in common. Once you know your values line up, you’ll know if you are really into them or not. After all, you could have a lot of chemistry and he could be the best-looking guy in the world. However, if you don’t have anything in common, the relationship will never work out. This is why we advise not to blow a guy off just because you’re not immediately attracted to him. Attraction takes time to develop and can’t be based solely on looks.

  1. Attraction isn’t all visual.

Following the point above: there’s more to attraction than looks. But you should know that by now. There’s an emotional attraction, intellectual attraction, and romantic attraction. He might not be the hottest guy in the world, but is he smart? Does you make you happy? Sounds like he’s pretty darn attractive, right?  Widen your scope of what makes someone attractive and you might be surprised to find yourself in a meaningful relationship very soon.

  1. You should let go of your type.

Dating someone you don’t find attractive could actually help you a lot. It’ll force you to stop looking at guys so harshly. Furthermore, it may even prove that attraction can grow over time. Don’t date a guy you hate, but don’t ignore good guys because they don’t fit your “type.” It’s time to stop blowing guys off and start giving them a chance to grow on you.

  1. What people think shouldn’t matter.

Are you really not attracted to them or are you worried about what others might think? Sometimes we confuse our opinions with others. But you can’t do that when you date someone. If you want to be with him, it doesn’t matter how attractive your friends find him. The only thing that matters is how you feel about him.

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