Mature Dating in Philly | 5 Reasons He Didn’t Want a 2nd Date

Not a great date

First dates can be nerve-wracking. If you’ve been single for a long time, you may be anxious about the whole mature dating in Philly thing. And we don’t blame you – we get it. As Philadelphia matchmakers we’ve helped many singles overcome this dating dilemma. Are you having a hard time adapting to the idea of dating and actually putting yourself back in the Philly dating scene?  

Sometimes it’s hard to open up to someone because you don’t know them or trust them yet. This makes asking personal questions difficult. Other times, we do things that sabotage our chances of getting a second date without even realizing it. If you keep going out on first dates but never get seconds, this dating blog is for you. Let us show you how to take the stress out of mature dating in Philly. Read on and find out how to improve on your next first date!

5 Reasons He Didn’t Want a Second Date.

Today, our Philadelphia matchmakers are going to reveal the top reasons he didn’t ask you out again. Take notes, ladies, so that you don’t repeat the same cycle on your next date.

  1. You were glued to your phone.

Nowadays, it seems like many of us struggle to stay off our phones. But on a first date, it’s important to keep your phone away. If not, you risk missing out on a great second date.

Guys say that the number one thing that turns them off during a first date is when a girl won’t stay off her phone. And let’s be honest, staying off your phone during a date is really just a matter of common courtesy.

No one likes it when someone they’re talking to doesn’t show them respect by paying attention to them. How would you feel if a guy was on his phone while you were out? You would feel like he wasn’t interested in you, right?

  1. You arrived late.

Many people say that their biggest pet peeve is when their date shows up late. We’ve all had people who arrived late for a date, and we know how irritating that can be. Word of advice – don’t be that person.

You don’t have to get there an hour early or anything extreme. But showing up late is not going to make a good impression on them. On the contrary, it’s going to speak volumes of you as a person. It’s going to show them that you don’t respect their time. It shows that you’re rude and inconsiderate.

If you’re going to be late due to something that is out of your control – a car accident causing traffic – call them. Be polite and let them know that you’re running late and not standing them up. This will go a long way in showing them who you are as well.

  1. You only talk about yourself.

Yes, it’s crucial to keep a good conversation flowing through the entire first date. But are there many topics you should stay away from? We all know it’s usually best to keep the conversation off of hot topics during the early stages of dating, but there is another topic you need to stay away from – yourself.

When a girl seems to only talk about herself and nothing else during the date, it makes men think she is self-centered. There are many things to talk about during the first date. Switch up the conversation and find a good topic that you both enjoy.

*A little tip from our Philadelphia matchmakers: this is also a great way to set up a second date. If you mention that you enjoy hiking, he might suggest going hiking with you someday, like on your second date.

  1. You acted high maintenance.

Look, let’s face it – no guy likes a girl who acts high maintenance on the first date. Guys say that when a woman begins acting high maintenance, they often start to feel like they’re under a lot of pressure. Most men feel like they are being judged.

When a guy is put in this position, he will often start wondering if he’s good enough for her. After all, if she’s acting like nothing is good enough, he probably feels she thinks the same of him.

  1. You showed no interest in him.

Men are nervous on first dates too. Just like you wonder if the guy across the table is feeling you, they question your interest too. If you sat at the table looking bored, staring at people walking by, or glancing down at your watch, rest assured he felt your boredom.

At the same time, if you were into him but were quiet and reserved, he might also wonder what’s up. Whether he thinks you weren’t interested in getting to know him or he was bored out of his mind since you weren’t chiming in, this date isn’t going anywhere fast.

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