Philly Matchmakers | 5 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Fast

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You hit it off right from the very first date. For weeks, you were texting and bonding over romantic dates and movie nights at home. This one must be your true soulmate.

One month later and you’re talking about moving in together. You’re on the phone with the moving company to get things going and then it hits you: are you moving too fast? We all have been there before. If you’re struggling to stay grounded amidst a new relationship, our Philly matchmakers are here to assist you.

5 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast

Want to stop wondering if your relationship is moving too fast? Let us help you put an end to your concerns. Read on and find out the top signs your new relationship is moving too fast. That’s right, you need to slow it down!

  1. You’re already meeting the parents.

If you’ve been on just a few dates and you’re meeting the parents already, take a step back. It is too soon to meet the parents this early on. You need to have a better understanding of who is this person is, what their story is all about, and whether you guys mesh well together.

Meeting their friends and family is like entering a whole new world, so you must be on the same page. Do you both have feelings for each other? Do you both want a long-term commitment, or is it just casual? You don’t to rush into anything if your dating goals don’t even line up.

  1. You’re still in the healing process from a breakup.

Yikes, our Philly matchmakers are no strangers to this one!

No one should bounce back to dating when they are still in the healing process from a breakup. Still have a broken heart? Grieve the loss and heal yourself. It is not fair on yourself, nor others to make someone a rebound just because they’re available.

If this sounds like you, spend some time alone and discover what you like and who you are. That doesn’t mean you have to break up with them – of course not, just slow it down a little.

  1. You haven’t had a fight yet.

As counterproductive as it sounds, fights are actually important in dating as they can be the foundation of a healthy relationship. They build trust, strengthen your connection with your partner and let you know how your partner is feeling. Believe it or not, not fighting doesn’t mean you’re 100% compatible with each other. It just means you’re still in the honeymoon stage.

You only learn what a person is really like when you’re in the middle of a fight. Here, you learn if you share the same beliefs, interests, and whether your future goals are the same. It’s only after you’ve had your first big fight that you can see what your new partner is really all about. Take it from us, disagreements show a lot, including how much you respect each other and how you resolve conflicts.

  1. You don’t know much about them.

Struggling to find out their last name? Not sure where they grew up? If that’s the case, you’re definitely moving too fast and you need to slow down a little.

When we’re loved up, we tend to overlook everything. But you need to learn everything you can about them. You don’t want to be seconds away from moving in together when you realize you don’t know anything about them.

Do they have siblings? Do they like their job? Are they trying to move up the career ladder? Do they like pets? Do they like the same pets as you? Maybe they’re allergic. You really need to know a person before you make any commitments.

  1. You trust them without a doubt.

Wait, what? You already trust them? Oh, yeah, it’s moving too fast. If you already trust them fully and barely know them, you need to slow it down. Trust takes time to earn. It’s not something you can just give away to anyone you meet. This is how you get hurt in the dating world. Before you divulge everything about yourself and your life, take a step back and realize you’re diving into shallow waters.

Spend more time getting to know them, drop little bits about your life, and see how they react to your quirks, your bad days, and everyday situations. Do they still show interest regardless? Do they lend an ear and prove that they’re reliable?

As Philly matchmakers, we know it’s easy to get carried away in the moment. But we don’t want to see you back on our blog reading how to overcome a heartbreak because you rushed into a relationship too quickly.

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