Philadelphia Singles Dating | 3 Tips to Keep a Guy Hooked

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Want to keep a guy hooked and happy in your relationship? Of course, you do!

Here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service, we have the expert dating tips you need to keep him hooked on you!

There are a lot of dating articles floating around the internet about how to keep a guy hooked. There’s no doubt that you will find many helpful tips around this subject. However, one thing you won’t find is what we’re about to give you – expert tips from a matchmaker who knows exactly what you need to do in order to keep a guy hooked.

So what does it take to keep a guy hooked on you?

3 Expert Tips to Keep a Guy Hooked

Let our professional matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service show you some expert tips for keeping a guy hooked.

  1. Be good friends with the boys.

Although men love their “boy time,” they want a woman who they can confidently invite along with their boys. They want to be able to go out together without having to worry if they will all get along.

Ladies, keep in mind that whether you’ve just met him or have been together for years, his friends are on a pedestal since he’s known them for a long time. Just be on the same page with them, because men do talk just like we do. And take it from us, if you create problems between them, chances are his boys are not going to like you.

You will surely get him hooked if you show up on football Sunday’s with burgers and beers for the guys.

  1. Be flexible.

No man wants to date a woman who has a busy schedule that doesn’t allow for any fun time. They really don’t want to date a woman who is not willing to switch things up for the relationship. Why? Because men do not work well with fixed schedules.

Let’s say he wants to surprise you and take you out for a romantic dinner to a new restaurant in town. Well, he will not be able to since you have a hectic schedule. It takes away from all the fun and thrill of a new relationship. With that being said, whatever you do, try to be flexible and accommodating to him.

  1. Boost his ego.

Nothing pleases a guy more than a little ego boost. Oh, how they love being told how great they are.

We tend to put more emphasis on what is negative about our partner when we’re comfortable in a relationship. But how about focusing on all the good things he does for you and the relationship?

Go ahead and boost his ego. Tell him that he looks great in a suit before he goes to work or tell him how phenomenal he was on the football field. Doing this will surely make he feel valued and desirable. He will brag to his co-workers and friends about this and just make him feel great overall. And believe us, this will definitely get him hooked on you. Yes, boosting your guy’s ego will do wonders for your relationship.

As you can see, it’s pretty simple to keep a guy hooked on you. So whether you’re just starting to see a guy or have been together for years, implement these three surefire tips from our dating experts here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service.

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