Best Matchmakers in Philadelphia | 5 Toxic Habits of Couples

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The best matchmakers in Philadelphia only want the best thing for their clients and readers alike. Unfortunately, a lot of men and women today don’t know how to create the best things for themselves. And since love is so hard to find, we think it’s important couples know how to keep it alive.

There are a lot of toxic behaviors couples fall into that are often seen as normal to the rest of the world. In turn, couples internalize this and think that what they’re doing is actually healthy and helping their relationship.

Some things have to do with behaviors and doing too much or too little of something in the relationship. It’s easy to stop doing once you know where you’re going wrong.

Today, the best matchmakers in Philadelphia are going to the reveal the five worst toxic habits for couples.

  1. Talking about children right away.

When we’re in a relationship, it’s super fun – and we can’t help but to think about the future. If anything, a lot of us have spent our childhood days planning our ideal weddings and thinking about the perfect person to marry and one day start a family with. However, if you’re actively planning your wedding, children, and your whole life with someone you just started a new relationship with, that’s a huge red flag.

Think about it, you’re pinning your whole future on a new relationship, which is never a good idea. Not only is this unhealthy behavior for yourself, but it could scare them away.

  1. Only doing holidays with one person’s family.

Okay, this isn’t to say that every relationship is going to balance the in-laws right all the time. You might just gravitate to one set of parents or one family more than the other. This is completely okay.

However, if your partner is telling you that you absolutely have to do all the holidays with their family, that’s a huge red flag.

That’s because this could be a sign that your partner is trying to isolate you from your own family.

  1. Always engaging in PDA.

Let’s be real here: we are often annoyed when we see a couple kissing each other in public or doing other things that should be kept behind closed doors. Sure, a little PDA is super cute and romantic and should be encouraged every once in a while. But to be honest, if you’re going overboard with the PDA’s, it just looks like you’re not as confident in your relationship as you’d like to be – or as you should be. In reality, you think that being super affectionate in public is the best thing you can do to show everyone that you love your partner and vice versa. Show affection for your partner, not for others.

  1. Trying to avoid each other.

Spending too much time together in a relationship isn’t healthy at all. Trying to spend as little time together as possible in order to show everyone that you have a healthy emotional connection and you don’t need to be with them all the time is a huge red flag.

Healthy relationships are about spending time together and taking time for yourself to do the things you love to do. You shouldn’t have to force the scale to tip to one side. What you really want is to be with someone who respects your time alone. You shouldn’t, however, be trying to prove a point that you don’t need to spend time with them. That’s only crippling your relationship.

  1. Avoiding conflicts.

Nobody, okay – most people, do not like to engage in conflict. From being an agreeable person to being afraid of losing one’s partner, there are different reasons people avoid conflict in their relationship.

However, this is a very unhealthy relationship habit. Believe it or not, your partner is not a mind-reader, and they’re not going to know they’re doing something that bothers you unless you speak up. If you don’t speak up, your partner is going to continue doing whatever it is that is bothering you. And this only leads to one thing: resentment. Well, resentment, and a future explosion. If there’s one thing our matchmakers know, it’s that resentment-driven blowups lead to hurt feelings that could permanently ruin your relationship. You’re guaranteed to say something you’ll regret – something you can’t take back and your partner can’t unhear.

Too many people don’t realize that their everyday habits could be sabotaging their relationship. Don’t be one of those people. It took you a long time to find love, don’t let it slip away because you fell victim to these toxic relationship habits.

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