KOP Matchmakers | Outdated Dating Rules Women Must Drop


Old-school dating rules get a bad reputation for good reason. Overall, our KOP matchmakers know that they tend to propagate silly and unrealistic notions about dating and finding love. “Wait for him to ask you on a date. A lady should never make the first move.” “Follow the three-day rule before you reach out to him.”

Sound familiar? Here at Philadelphia Singles, we know that following those old-school dating rules could be the reason why you’re single today.

5 Outdated Dating Rules Women Must Drop

Single and still searching for love? Unsure why you’re struggling in the Philly dating scene? Today, our KOP matchmakers are going to reveal the most outdated dating rules women need to drop today.

  1. Dropping hints and getting mad when he doesn’t get it.

Picture this: your boyfriend comes home after working all day and looks upset. But he won’t say anything to you about what’s going on. You keep trying to ask him what happened and what’s going on, but to no avail. Then he says that you should know why he’s feeling that way and that he can’t believe you don’t get him.

Ugh, totally not cool, right? So why do we expect our boyfriends to read our minds? It’s totally an old-school dating move that we need to drop right away. We can’t and shouldn’t expect them to read our minds and know how we’re feeling if we don’t say anything. He feels the same way you feel, confused and frustrated. Stop expecting your guy to be able to read your mind.

  1. Not talking about feelings out of fear of scaring him.

Have we ever been sad or upset and then looked at our partner and thought that we shouldn’t say anything because it would be “too much” for him to handle? This is something that many of us think on a daily basis. We don’t want him to be burdened by us and don’t want to make him talk about feelings.

This is an outdated dating rule that we should stop. He loves you and won’t think any differently about you if you want to talk about your feelings.

In fact, if you don’t talk about your feelings, he might wonder why. He might even question your true intentions and whether you’re really serious about him.

  1. Ditching our friends as soon as we get a boyfriend.

Talk about a very outdated dating rule: ditching our best friends as soon as we get in a relationship. Suddenly brunches and dinners and going to the movies with your gal pals just aren’t happening anymore. Why? Because you’re spending every second of the day with your boyfriend. Sure, this is great for us, but it’s not so great for our good friends. Believe us, this will hurt those relationships.

This is something else that we need to stop doing right now, especially since it screams high school girl and looks very immature. It’s healthy to maintain your independence and do things outside of the relationship. It’s essential to nurture relationships with people other than your boyfriend.

  1. Wanting him to court and pursue us.

According to the old-school ways that people use to date, a woman would wait for the man to do the courting and chase her. She wouldn’t ask him out on a date. No way. Instead, she would hope that he would make the first move and go after her. She would patiently wait for him to invite her out on a date. She would be thinking about marriage and kids, and she wouldn’t make any moves.

In 2019, we can totally make moves in dating, and things are much more equal now. We should stop waiting for guys to make the first move. If you’re interested in a guy, don’t shy away from asking him out or at least dropping him a hint of your interest. After all, you don’t want to lose out on a great guy because you didn’t take a risk and ask him out.

  1. Act mysterious & play hard to get.

This is a dated and manipulative dating tactic some women still swear by. And that’s likely why those women are still single today.

You don’t have to play hard to get or act mysterious to get a man to pursue you. You shouldn’t hold back the way you feel for a guy in hopes it will make him more interested in you. on the contrary, it could backfire on you. He might think you’re not interested in him at all and give up the chase altogether.

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