Dating in Philadelphia | 3 Slip Ups Guys Make in Relationships

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This dating blog is for all the guys out there. Dating in Philadelphia is fun and exciting, especially when you finally find someone with whom you really connect. You’re happy to find someone with whom you see a potential future and do everything you can to keep her happy. So you’ve got to stop slipping up and getting her angry.

You adore your girlfriend, so step it up and try not to stumble. It’s going to be a tough battle, but if you show her that you can meet her expectations, you may just have a partner for life. So how do you prevent yourself from messing things up?

3 Slip Ups You Must Avoid in Your Relationship

Today, our Philadelphia matchmakers are going to reveal the biggest slip ups guys make in relationships.

  1. He never gives her a compliment.

Ladies do a lot of work to get ready. From picking out the perfect outfit to getting that weekly manicure, she not only does it to look good, but also for her man to notice. She spends time doing her hair and makeup, shaves until she’s silky smooth, and always smells delicious. Do you notice? Perhaps, but if you don’t give her a compliment, she’ll think that you could care less or are taking her for granted.

Say something, say anything to let her know that you notice how great she looks. Even if you’re not sure why she spends hundreds of dollars at the hair salon to get up all dolled up when you think she looks beautiful in a ponytail, just give her a compliment.

  1. He doesn’t do any chores around the house.

If a couple lives together, they better work out the chore routine and responsibilities together, as well. Unless a gal says she’ll do it, she expects the duties to be divided between the two of you – from doing the dishes to getting the laundry done.

Guys, if you get too comfortable with your smelly towels laying around the floor and the trash overflowing, you might as well get comfortable with the fact that you will be single very soon. Do nothing and you will get nothing in return. Your girlfriend isn’t your maid, so keep up with your end of the bargain and do what you have to do to keep the household running smoothly.

There is absolutely nothing more annoying than a guy sitting on the sofa watching TV while his girlfriend is doing the chores around the house.

  1. He flirts with other women.

Some fellas have a naturally flirtatious personality, which is cute. It’s cute until it’s a cause for problem in a relationship. If you have a girlfriend or a wife, you’ll need to stop flirting with other women. Be friendly and nice to them, but forget about flirting with them.

Your flirting ways need to stop if you want to make your girlfriend happy. Even the most confident woman can become insecure when she sees her man talking to other girls. Even if you have no intention of going any further than a little harmless conversation, your gal may be picturing different scenarios in her mind. This will definitely drive her crazy. Flirting can be fun, but when it becomes a problem in a relationship and it gets your girlfriend angry, your charisma needs to stop.

If you’re finally in a relationship with a great woman, you need to do everything you can to preserve it. Avoid these three common relationship mistakes and keep your relationship going strong.

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