Marriage-minded Dating in Philly | Signs He’s Going to Propose

Man proposing to his girlfriend

Marriage-minded dating in Philly is the most exciting kind of dating, especially once you’ve found the one you think you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. Many women ask our Philadelphia matchmakers how they can know whether their guy is going to propose. Are you wondering the same thing right now? 

It probably feels like the entire world is getting engaged right now. That’s because spring and summer are most popular for getting engaged and hitched. The reason they overlap makes sense when you think about it. people spend a lot more time with friends and loved ones during the spring and summer seasons. You’re surrounded by family, enjoying a bunch of outdoor activities. So what better time to propose or be proposed to?

So how do you know if this year will be the year he gets down on one knee?

5 Surefire Signs He’s Going to Propose

Today, our Philadelphia matchmakers are going to show you the top signs he’s getting ready to pop the question.

  1. His being thrifty with his money.

There’s no question that the idea of marriage can have an impact on the wallet. From the serious amount of money that can be dropped on the perfect shiny engagement ring to the extravagant wedding, there are countless reasons to be frugal with money.

If you and your partner have been talking about taking the big step into marriage and you begin to notice a difference in his spending habits. His reasoning can definitely go beyond saving for the engagement ring and the perfect wedding. He’s proving that he’s able to make a wise investment in your lives together.

  1. He’s doing research all the time.

When you’re on the verge of combining two lives together, there’s an endless wealth of knowledge to be uncovered. You might think you’re alone in adding to your growing collection of wedding magazines or scrolling through PintErest, but rest assured, your guy is also doing the same.

If you catch your boyfriend habitually appearing deep in thought, but he’s hesitant to let you in on what’s going on in his mind, he may be partaking in his own extensive research around weddings and proposals. He may even be daydreaming about the big day and how beautiful you’ll look in your wedding gown.

  1. He’s more thoughtful with his gifts.

The idea of gifts serving as an integral part of a relationship should almost go without saying. But let’s face it, some couples are better at giving than others. Many of us have trouble taking a hint, and some of us would rather be confronted with our worst fears than picking out a gift for our partner.

But when a major life event is on the horizon, it may be time for you to recognize the need to amp up on gift giving. Keep your eyes open for some high-quality gifts coming from him.

  1. Your friends are nosy now.

You’ve always shared a lot of details about your relationship with your friends, to the point where they know just as much about your partner as you do. So, of course, you keep your squad up to date with the latest in the relationship.

Not only will your wedding be the biggest party of your life, but your gal pals also want the best for you. If you notice your girls being extra nosy, take notice. Maybe they know that your guy is about to propose to you soon. And they might be very giddy and full of glee over the fabulous news.

  1. You notice a ring missing.

Is your favorite ring missing? Does it look like someone was rummaging through your jewelry box? Is your guy is unsure of your ring size? Then he could have swiped one of your rings to make the best judgement call with your shiny new ring that’s on the horizons.

If you’ve done the marriage-minded dating in Philly thing, successfully, a big congrats to you. If you finally found the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with, it’s one of the most exciting times in your life. You want to know if he feels the same way as you. Is he ready to take the plunge too? Is he ready to take the next step and combine your lives as one?

Marriage-minded dating in Philly tougher than you’d like? If you’re single and unable to meet the right guy on your own, let our Philadelphia matchmakers introduce you to him.

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