Paoli Matchmaking Service Reveals 5 Signs He Wants a Break

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When your relationship isn’t working anymore, it’s not always easy to see it. Sometimes you may feel like something isn’t right, but you’re not sure what it is or if it’s even something bad. Other times, you can feel that your partner is drifting away or like the relationship is going to end soon. To help you sort out what’s going on in your relationship, our Paoli matchmaking service is going to show you the warning signs that your boyfriend is looking to take a break.

5 Warning Signs He Wants a Break

If you’ve been feeling like something is off, examine your relationship and look for these five warning signs your guy is drifting away and looking to take a break.

  1. He misses having time to himself.

Some men neglect their own personal growth because of being in a relationship. They might be scared to be alone, or they might just not like it when they are single and don’t have a partner by their side. But if he is always talking about how he misses his single life, it’s a pretty strong sign that he is ready to take a break from the relationship.

If you notice he’s dwelling on not having his free time, back off a little. Give him time to himself and encourage him to do things on his own. Allow him time with his buddies and support his hobbies and interests. If you can give him a bit of breathing room, it could be the key to saving your relationship.

  1. He ignores your text/calls.

Does your boyfriend have to answer the phone immediately when you text or call him? Nope, that would be expecting too much of him. But if your man doesn’t even seem to answer your texts or calls within a reasonable time, it could be a warning sign that something is wrong in the relationship.

Let’s face it, getting him to answer you shouldn’t feel like a full-time job.

If he is always ignoring your texts and calls, it might be because he is thinking about leaving the relationship and doesn’t know how to do it. Again, this could be due to his lack of alone time. Go back to our advice from warning sign number one. Back off a little and see if things improve.

  1. He doesn’t engage in conversation.

Listening to each other is very important for the success of the relationship. If a man does not seem truly emotionally invested in conversation, it’s a sign that he has mentally checked out of the relationship.

Sometimes, the relationship can be salvaged if both partners talk about the problem. Sometimes, it can’t. Either way, he is probably thinking about taking a break from the relationship. And if this is happening in your relationship, a break is probably the best solution right now.

However, be careful not to over-analyze here. Is he going through something in his life? Is he working on a big project at work? Family issues? His mind could just be consumed by something else, making it hard to tune in when you’re talking, especially if it’s about nonsense, such as work drama or gossip.

  1. He doesn’t do anything nice anymore.

Even if you guys have been together for five years, the surprises should never stop. This goes along with going out on real dates, as though you are two people starting to date each other. Those little surprises are super important to keep both of you on your toes. When the surprises stop coming, it could mean that the romance has started to fizzle out. It’s so sad when this happens in relationships, but it could also mean that he is taking you for granted. He might need a break to figure out his feelings.

  1. He comes home late and has excuses to get out of QT.

Does your guy seem to be doing everything he can to avoid spending time with you? Is he leaving for work earlier than usual? Staying later in the evenings, or even not coming home ‘til late at night? Does he always have a lame excuse to get out of quality time together?

He could be trying to inch in some time by himself. Or he could be up to no good. If your guy is already sneaking around and spending time with someone else, you’re better off without him. You deserve so much more.

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