Marriage-Minded Dating in Philly | Signs He’s Going to Propose

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Marriage-minded dating in Philly is a great way to ensure you’re not wasting your time with someone who’s afraid of commitment. But even if you’re sure your guy is on board with marriage someday, how do you know he’s ready now?

You might think you’d know if your long-term partner is getting ready to pop the question. But in case you’re in the dark, let our Philadelphia matchmakers share some of the subtle signs with you today. That’s right! Get ready to find out if you’re going to have a ring put on your finger very soon. If your guy’s behavior has changed in recent days, a proposal could be on the horizon.

5 Subtle Signs He’s About to Propose to You

Today, our professional matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service are going to show you the telltale signs he’s about to pop the question.

He gets happy for holidays.

It goes without saying that the holiday season is a very important time of the year to look for signs of an upcoming proposal. You and your groom will be spending time with your families, and family gatherings come with plenty of opportunities for a memorable proposal.

You know you and your partner have already established a holiday routine, then all of a sudden, he seems reluctant to talk about the plans for the holiday gatherings. If that’s the case, there’s a chance something will happen during the holiday party.

He’s paying more attention to details.

If you suddenly notice a change in your partner’s attitude – to the point that the term “detective” could be a representation for his job description, keep an eye out for this one.

If your partner’s ears seem to be on much higher alert, and he’s paying a lot of attention to everything you do and say, he could be piecing a proposal together. Of course he wants your special day to be the most wonderful and memorable day for you. So it’s a fair assumption he’s really listening to you extra carefully so he can come up with the best proposal.

He’s slow to commit to vacation plans.

If you’re in the midst of winter weather and you’re dreaming of the warmer days with your boyfriend, something could be up if his responses to your vacation ideas seem to be on the frosty side.

If you are one of those couples who are habitual vacationers, yet your partner seems to be dialing down his enthusiasm for going on vacation with you, your guy could have a proposal in the making. That’s right, he’s saving money for the perfect ring.

His parents are curious now.

If there’s one thing you should know by now, it’s that your partner’s parents probably know a lot about your lives and relationship.

His parents know him extremely well, and there’s a big chance his mom and dad already know what’s going on. With that being said, if his parent’s collective glances seem to shift towards you, and the preferred topic of conversation seems to linger towards the future of the relationship, they may be looking for him to put a ring on you sooner than later.

If mom and dad are on a full out questioning rampage, answer them as a daughter-in-law would. They’re watching to see who their son will eventually marry.

Your favorite ring is missing.

If you notice your favorite ring is missing from your jewelry box, he might have taken it. Wait, what? Yes, he might’ve taken it to get an idea of your ring size. Oh, how exciting – he’s trying to get everything just right!

If you’ve been wondering if your guy is about to propose, use this helpful guide to figure it out. If a marriage proposal is in the making, a big congrats to you!

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