Best Matchmakers in Philadelphia Reveal 5 Dating Red Flags

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It’s never been easy to navigate the Philly dating scene. It can be a jungle out there, to put in simple words. From the plethora of dating apps and online dating sites, the push away from “relationship labels” to the evolving state of today’s club life, dating can be a huge headache for many singles in Philadelphia. As the best matchmakers in Philadelphia, we know it can be a huge relief to have found a person with whom you feel a great connection.

Before you rush into things, however, it is important to look out for a few dating red flags – that is if you are looking for a committed relationship.

If you’re looking for love in Philly, listen up! Today, the best matchmakers in Philadelphia will show you the biggest dating red flags in today’s modern dating world.

Top 5 Dating Red Flags on 1st Dates

  1. Bad Hygiene

Believe it or not, not everyone brushes their teeth three times a day. Not everyone showers every day before work. This may seem judgmental, upon first reading the title of this section, but having bad hygiene isn’t only associated with bad breath, stinky armpits or other body odor.

Poor hygiene can also lead to serious health problems, and in extreme cases, even death. For instance, excessive plaque built up in a person’s mouth can lead to heart disease. Not showering on a regular basis can lead to several different kinds of infections.

  1. Bad Listening Skills

There is nothing like going out to dinner with someone new and realizing they’re not interested in the conversation. The person might be on the phone, interrupt all your stories, or have difficulty maintaining eye contact with you. There are several behaviors that are a dead giveaway that someone isn’t interested in you or they just have bad listening skills. Either way, that’s not someone you want to pursue a relationship with.

Then there’s the classic scenario in which a person asks you how work was that day, or perhaps something similar. But when you answer, you notice that they are not interested in your story. Wow, that can be deflating, to say the least.

  1. No Questions for You

Signs of a selfish person can be obvious and outwardly apparent. If you ask your romantic interest a few questions and they don’t ask you any in return, the conversation will always be one-sided. Although it might not seem like a big thing on a date, you will eventually get tired of them.

If they’re not interested in getting to know you in the beginning stages of dating (when you’re supposed to be on your best behavior), then what do you think will happen down the road? The relationship will totally be one-sided.

  1. No Long-Term Life Goals

When someone only has short-term goals, that typically means they don’t have any plans for the future or haven’t thought far enough ahead to have any life goals and dreams. This may reveal itself in other areas of their lives. It may also apply to relationships. This person is likely not looking for a committed relationship.

If that is also what you want, go for it. If you want something serious, this is a huge red flag to watch out for. This could lead to major issues down the road. They will require a lot of your attention since they don’t have anything going on in their own life. This will prevent you from achieving your own life goals. And if you do work towards your life goals, they won’t support you or share your happiness and achievements.

  1. No Commonalities

Who hasn’t gone on a first date and had nothing in common with their date? It’s an awkward experience. You and your date will try several conversation starters, ask questions about each other’s lives and personal interests, but not before long, you’ll realize that you have nothing in common. If your lack of similarities is so bad you can’t even conversate together, wrap up the date and find someone who shares your interests in life.

The Philly dating scene can be trying. If you want to quickly eliminate singles whom you’re not compatible with, watch out for these red flags on your first date. If you notice any of these five dating red flags, don’t waste your time on a second date.

If you’re tired of meeting all the wrong singles on your own, contact the best matchmakers in Philadelphia today and start meeting dates with whom you’re compatible. Let our professional matchmakers do the hard work of screening for you so you can enjoy a refreshing way of dating. Let us help you find the partner you’re meant to share your life with.

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