Villanova Matchmakers | 5 Signs He’s Taking You for Granted

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A healthy relationship should feel like a partnership. We’re both on the same team, dedicated to accomplishing our goals, and loving one another through anything and everything that comes our way. It’s the knowledge that we always have someone in our corner, no matter what life brings to us. It’s acknowledging that communication is a huge element in a healthy relationship without feeling threatened by the conversation that could arise from it. But our Villanova matchmakers know that a lot of people don’t treat a relationship like this.

In a relationship where we’re being taken for granted by our partner, there is no team – there are no partners. Instead, there is an unequal distribution of power. There is no balance.

Afraid something is off in your relationship? Do you feel like your partner is taking you for granted?

Let our experienced Villanova matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service show you the signs he’s taking you granted.

Telltale Signs He’s Taking You for Granted

  1. He doesn’t ask about your day.

It may seem like a small thing but inquiring about our partner’s day is a way of checking in and seeing how things are going for them. It’s a way to ask about their well-being and get to know more about them and their everyday life.

If our partner is no longer asking about our day or how we’ve been in the hours since they last saw us, it could mean that they are simply not interested in us anymore. It’s a subtle but important thing to keep an eye for.

  1. He comes and goes as he pleases.

A surefire sign of a one-sided relationship is when one person feels as though they can do whatever they want in the relationship. Of course, we aren’t our partner’s policeman, and it’s not like they need to ask for permission for anything they do. However, informing, checking in with, and keeping each other up to date is a sign of respect and courtesy that keeps a relationship healthy.

If we’re keeping them in the loop about our everyday activities, it’s only fair for them to do the same. If your partner isn’t letting you in on his life, it’s obvious that he’s taking you for granted.

  1. He ignores you.

We’re sure everyone can agree that it’s never a pleasant situation when your partner ignores you. But occasionally, it can be because they’re busy at work or taking care of other important things in life. However, if your boyfriend is consistently and obviously going out of their way to ignore you or looking you in the eye and walking away without giving you an answer, it’s because he’s taking you for granted.

He doesn’t respect you enough to respond. Instead, he treats you coldly because he doesn’t care if he hurts you.

  1. He never does favors for you.

Healthy relationships require a degree of give and take. If we’re the one who is always doing the favors, it can mean that our partner is taking us for granted. Simple favors like grabbing dinner or doing the dishes without being asked are great. They’re signs that he is invested in the relationship and cares about you.

A lack of reciprocity in a relationship is a huge indicator that you are being taking for granted. Does he expect, expect, expect without ever giving?

  1. He doesn’t fear losing you.

When you first met, he chased you and gauged your reaction to everything he did. He was worried about impressing you and didn’t want to risk losing you. nowadays, though, he doesn’t seem to be so interested in these things. Not only doesn’t he seek your attention and approval, it’s almost as though he’s resentful of you. He’s always busy and irritable. It’s like he doesn’t care to be around you anymore. This is a huge sign that something is wrong – he’s checking out.

How many of these warning signs do you see in your relationship? Is this guy taking advantage of you?

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