King of Prussia Matchmaking | 3 Dates All Guys Secretly Hate

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“Where do you want to go for date night?” Wait, stop for a second and think, ladies. Ask yourself, “Do I really want to put him through another agonizing date?” Ask yourself if he really wants to accompany you on another shopping spree at the mall or to another one of your friends’ birthday parties. Does he really enjoy these types of dates? Let our King of Prussia matchmaking service let you in on a little secret: these aren’t dates at all.

The purpose of a date is for you and your boyfriend to enjoy some quality time together. You should first ask yourself if you’re both going to enjoy the date before you decide on something. If you force him to go on a date that he doesn’t like, you might confuse his indifference towards the date with his affection for you.

Today, our King of Prussia matchmaking service is going to show you the three most hated date ideas for guys.

  1. Going Shopping

Shopping together isn’t really a date. We repeat… Shopping together is not a date. Most women enjoy a good shopping spree, this is true. You know what else is true? Many guys hate going to the mall to shop. It is not an activity they would choose to do on their own. In fact, most men hate the idea of shopping for themselves, let alone going with you.

He doesn’t want to disappoint you, so he’ll probably agree to tag along. But he’s probably not having a good time, certainly not like you are. He loves being able to spoil you, but going shopping together can easily make any guy feel like a chauffeur rather than your date.

  1. Going to a Friend’s Party

You should never take your guy to one of your friend’s parties as a date. If you are going on a date together, most guys want to be in a stress-free setting where they can enjoy the time they have with you. Going to a birthday party is nice, if you both know who’s all going to attend the party. Bringing him as your date to an event where he doesn’t know anyone at all can be scary for him, especially in the early stages of dating.

We understand that you just have to attend social events with your guy sometimes. Just remember that going to a friend’s party doesn’t really qualify as a date. If you have to attend a get together with your guy, make sure you’re also doing something together that week that will be fun and enjoyable for the two of you.

  1. Eating at a Fast-food Joint

If you must go out to eat for date night, don’t let it be fast food. Don’t get us wrong, fast-food can sometimes be delicious as it hits that craving spot. But fast food isn’t romantic at all. It is also unhealthy and will quickly add a few unwanted pounds around your waistline.

Dinner dates aren’t that exciting; fast-food dinners date are horrible. At least if you guys went to an upscale restaurant, there is an ambiance that will draw you closer together. You can really try to enjoy each other’s company when you’re in a romantic setting. However, the same can’t be said for going to a fast-food burger palace.

Are you guilty of dragging your guy on these types of dates? Are you trying to get out of your current dating rut? It’s time to think outside the box and bring the fun and excitement back to your love life. Trust us, your guy will thank you!

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