Single Women in Philadelphia | Signs It’s Time to Ditch Your Ex!

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To be with him or to walk away? That is the question. You’re not alone, many single women in Philadelphia go through this same dating dilemma. See, sometimes it is not so clear whether or not a gal should give her ex a second chance. Relationships are very complicated. Feelings get all tangled up and love isn’t like a light switch that you can turn off. Even when the relationship has run its course, there’s always a chance it could start up again. And sometimes, people who think they are soul mates are actually better off going in different directions.

When there is confusion surrounding the “what ifs” of a relationship, deciding to get back with a guy or to move on to someone else can become a difficult internal battle. So what’s a gal to do?

To help you figure out how to proceed with your dilemma, our professional matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service are going to share the top warning signs you need to ditch your ex for good.

  1. He can’t keep a job.

It is perfectly understandable if someone gets laid off or loses their job. But if a guy can’t hold down a job for more than a few weeks, it’s a sign that’s screaming, “walk away!” It’s not that a woman can’t support her boyfriend if she chooses to do so, but it shows that he’s not motivated to get moving and look for a new job and means of making money on his own.

Chances are slim that he’ll win the lottery, so before long, his bank account will run dry and he’ll be borrowing money from his girlfriend. Unless she’s willing to put up with his permanent unemployment status, moving on is the best option here.

  1. He’s already cheated once.

If he hurt you once, he’ll probably do it again. Perhaps that’s not the case for every relationship. But usually if a guy has stepped outside in the relationship, he’s likely to do it again. Disloyalty can ruin a relationship for good, even if the woman wholeheartedly accepts his apology.

No matter how hard you try, there will always be the thought in the back of your mind that he will probably do it again. And that’s no way of having a relationship. Unless you can get over it for good, the relationship will never work.

  1. He’s not a good role model.

There is something about the “bad boy” that many women find attractive. But when things start to get serious, his wild ways will no longer be appealing. And if a woman has marriage and babies on her mind, she’ll look at her guy and see someone who will be a poor role model for her kids.

If this sounds like your guy in question, you can’t expect him to change overnight. After all, he may feel fine just the way he is living his life. If he’s perfectly happy with the bad boy lifestyle, then you’ll have to move on and find someone with a better lifestyle.

Is your guy lazy and unmotivated? Has he lied and cheated in the past? Does he live fast and wild while you’re looking to settle down? Although it’s not an easy decision to make, you know what you have to do.

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