Philadelphia Matchmakers | 4 Signs You’re Dating a Toxic Guy


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As Philadelphia matchmakers with over 30 years in the Philly dating industry, we know it’s getting harder and harder to find a good guy these days. Sure, nobody is going to check every box on your relationship dream list, since we are all human after all, but that doesn’t mean you need to settle for someone who is totally toxic to your

Do you question your current relationship? Are you afraid you’re dating a toxic guy?

Today, our Philadelphia matchmakers will show you the signs he’s definitely toxic. In other words, it’s time to walk away.

  1. He drinks too much.

A glass or two of wine for dinner is completely okay. A few beers while watching the game is okay too. Even a late night at the club every once in a while is acceptable. But a guy who always drinks to the point of blacking out is a bad thing. And he’s probably toxic if he does that. Yes, there are people with serious issues, and that’s something they should probably seek professional help for. Yet there are those guys who just love to have a good time even if they are not at the bar.

If he’s drunk as a skunk every night of the week, please do yourself a favor and walk away. He’s in love with the bottle, not you.

  1. He steals.

This one’s a doozy. A guy who takes what doesn’t belong to him is a toxic guy. He may be in a predicament but that’s still no reason to steal from others. He could wind up behind bars, making a relationship very difficult for his girlfriend.

While he may be remorseful for his wrongdoings, this toxic behavior is not something a girl should have to put up with. He’s certainly liable to do it again. He may have stolen your heart, but he could end up stealing more from you. It’s time to kick him to the curb.

  1. He’s constantly down.

Is being in a bad mood such a bad thing? If it’s constant, then yes. While nobody can be happy all the time, when a guy is always down and out, it can be downright depressing. No girl wants to deal with a guy who never smiles, especially when he’s not just blue but a bother.

Perhaps it’s because nothing in his life is going well for him. Or maybe he just complains all the time. A gal needs an uplifting boyfriend who makes her smile and laugh. If he’s such a downer, perhaps he should be single so he’s not dragging you down with him.

  1. He does dangerous things.

Some girls love the bad boy type, but when his cool charisma and daring personality go a step too far, his once alluring personality can become extremely toxic for the relationship. A guy who runs with a fast crowd and gets himself into dangerous situations is one to be avoided at all costs. He may find this type of lifestyle appealing and exciting, but his girl never asked to be involved in this type of life.

While he may be able to get away with his crazy lifestyle, there’s still the possibility that peril is waiting around the corner. Before things get back, walk away.

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