King of Prussia Matchmakers | 3 Signs You’re Not Over Your Ex

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Here’s the honest truth everyone knows to be true: breakups hurt.  Breakups are one of the most painful things we go through in life.  It is the death of a relationship, and it often feels like losing a loved one.  Why wouldn’t it?  You just went through a life-altering event and are grieving a major loss.  One minute you’re spending every second of the day with your partner and the next they’re gone.  These sudden changes make moving on from a failed relationship very difficult, especially if they were the one to call it quits.  Nonetheless, there comes a time and place when you have to mourn the loss, pick up the pieces, and move on with your life.

Holding on to the past will prevent you from finding a new relationship, and not to mention that it’s not healthy.  But it happens, and it happens to many people every day.  Today, our King of Prussia matchmakers will show you the top three warning signs you’re definitely not over your ex.

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