Exton Matchmakers | Signs Your Relationship Is Beyond Repair

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Unfortunately, there are some relationships that can be fixed and others that simply cannot.  How do you know if you should continue to put in the efforts to save it or if it’s time to quit trying? Our Exton matchmakers from Philly’s best matchmaking service have the answers you’re looking for, even if it’s not what you want to hear.

To see if your guy is worth giving it another go or if it’s time to break ties, look for the following signs. The best way to tell is simply by checking out his actions more than his words.  For example, if he tells you he loves you but removed you from his friends on Facebook, then chances are pretty high that he’s just hanging around until he finds someone better.  On the other hand, if he tells you he loves and does everything right but is a little distant, he might just be going through some personal problems.

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