Philadelphia Matchmakers | Signs You’ve Been Single Too Long

single women in philadelphia

Single women have been getting a bad rep lately.  In romantic movies, the main character is always a successful woman running around doing a hundred things at once.  She’s bitter and convinced that real love doesn’t exist—until she suddenly bumps into and spills coffee all over Prince Charming on the street.  Yeah, yeah, we all know how meet-cutes work, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that in real life.  True love takes time to find, and it certainly isn’t as easy or accidently like it’s portrayed to be in the movies.

Professional women in Philadelphia love their careers, which is wonderful, and they spend a lot of time working to lead a successful life.  But because they are so active and dedicated to career success, they sideline dating.

Does it feel like you’ve been single for too long?  When was the last time you were out on a date?  When was the last time you even thought about dating?  Today, our Philadelphia matchmakers will show you the top five signs you’ve been single for too long.

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