Philadelphia Dating Service | 5 Signs Your Guy Is Insecure

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You probably thought you hit the jackpot with your new boyfriend when you met him.  But soon after the relationship started, everything fell apart.  You were definitely fooled by his easygoing and down-to-earth attitude.  But two months into the relationship and you’re starting to see that everything was a façade.  As professional matchmakers, we know that you should always get to know someone before getting emotionally attached to them.  But when you’re in the midst of a new relationship, we also know it’s easy to get scooped up in all the excitement and get a little carried away.

When a guy isn’t doing everything he’s supposed to, is acting jealous, and wants to spend every second of the day with you, then you need to evaluate the relationship before things get out of hand.

We all have our own insecurities, but when someone’s behavior turns obsessive, then that’s when you’re in the danger zone.  Today, our King of Prussia dating service will show you five signs you’re dating an insecure guy.

1. He’s Blames Everyone

His car broke down alongside of the road, it was the mechanics fault.  His bank account was overdrawn, it was the bank’s fault because they didn’t clear his check on time.  He cheated on his ex, it was her fault because she nagged him all the time.  You see where we’re going with this, right?

Someone who is insecure will blame everyone for everything that goes wrong in their life.  They will always point the finger at someone else for everything that goes wrong, even you.  You don’t want to be stuck in a relationship with an insecure and immature guy who can’t accept blame and accuses everyone else for his own wrongdoing and misfortune.

2. He Wants Your Attention All the Time

An insecure boyfriend will always want his partner’s attention at all times.  If you’re on your phone in his presence, he’ll demand you put it down.  As soon as you leave the house, he’ll call you to see where you’re at.  Don’t confuse this attention for kindness because that’s not his motive.  He’s just monopolizing your time.  He’s actually trying to control your life.

3. He Accuses You of Cheating

Even if you do manage to spend all your time with him, he’ll still accuse you of cheating.  If you look in another guy’s direction, he’ll throw a fit.  Having platonic male friends will become a thing of the past for you because he’ll watch and scrutinize everything you do.  Telling him that you only have eyes for him won’t cut it because he’s even insecure about the guy you’re checking out in your brand new magazine.  Do you really want to date someone like that?

4. He Needs Constant Validation

An insecure boyfriend will always need validation for everything he says and does.  If he shows up to your house wearing a raggedy T-shirt, he expects you to tell him that he looks good.  If he cleans the cat litter boxes, he’ll expect a pat on the back.  When you do compliment him, he might not even believe you because deep down inside he doesn’t think he is worthy of such praise.  You can’t win no matter what you do.

5. He’ll Stalk Your Social Media

Most guys will check their girlfriend’s social media from time to time, but if your guy goes through every male friend you have and monitors every liked picture and every comment, then he’s definitely insecure.  This guy wants to keep tabs on everything you do and will do whatever it takes to do it.  He’ll ask if your latest status update was towards him or if you’re flirting with someone online.

Ladies, there’s nothing worse than dating an insecure man.  Don’t be flattered by the attention he gives you—just run for the hills.

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