Find Out How Many Ways Men Say I Love You With Philadelphia Matchmakers

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There are plenty of ways your boyfriend might be saying I love you to you without saying the words. Are you worried he doesn’t love you because he hasn’t said it in a while? You are not alone many women also have this fear.

Just because your boyfriend doesn’t say I love you every day doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Every guy has their own unique way of saying I love you. Some don’t say it at all.

It’s a matter of letting his actions do the talking. After all actions do speak louder than words. Today our Philadelphia matchmakers from Philadelphia Singles Dating Service are going to show you the different ways men say I love you without saying a word.

Different Ways Men Say I Love You

Looking for signs that your boyfriend loves you? Look no further, today our matchmakers are going to show you subtle ways men say I love you. This are the way men express their affection without saying a word.

  1. He makes your coffee just the way you like it


If you like your coffee cold, black or with a equal instead of sugar or if you always like your coffee for on the way, it doesn’t matter because he knows exactly what you like and always makes it or gets it for you.

If your boyfriend always manages to get you your coffee the way you like it, or if he always has it ready just in time for you to leave for work, it’s safe to say he loves you and cares for you. He knows how you like your coffee and always takes time to make it for you.

  1. He does the house chores without complaining


No one in the world enjoys doing house chore, unless of course they are doing them for someone they love. He clearly doesn’t mind taking the trash or cleaning the litter boxes because he knows how much you dislike doing chores.

If your boyfriend empties the trash without you telling him or does laundry and clean the house, it’s a sure sign he loves you. It’s safe to say that he is with you for the long term.

  1. He tells you jokes


He tells you funny jokes, not because he wants to be the center of attention, but b because he loves seeing you with a smile on your face. If your boyfriend goes out of his way to make you laugh by doing something funny, take a sign that he loves you.

He loves you so much that he wants to see you happy even if it means making fun of himself. He always know what jokes you like and what to do to cheer you up.

  1. He buys you flowers for no reason


Flowers aren’t just something you get for a women on a special day like valentines or her birthday. If your boyfriend gives you flowers for no reason it clearly means he loves you. Has he come home lately with a bouquet of flowers? Did he sent you flowers to work? Those are all signs he loves you.

You should feel very especial, because not many men out there know how to be romantic and yours clearly knows how. He is real keeper.

  1. He gets you jewelry


Similar to flower, jewelry is another thing men get their women on special days. If your boyfriend has giving you jewelry lately that’s a clear sign he loves you. If he didn’t love you he would never be investing his hard earned money on expensive jewelry.

Whether is gold or handmade if he goes out of his way to buy you a unique piece of jewelry he is definitely invested in the relationship and loves you more than you can imagine.

  1. He puts you to bed


Have you ever fallen asleep before him and woke up all tucked in? did he cover you up with blankets? If your man is doing things like this he clearly cares for you. It means he loves you so much he even wants you to have a good night of sleep.

If your man takes time to ensure you have a comfortable night of sleep he cares. If you are dating a tucker-in-type of guy pad yourself in the back. you have a great boyfriend.

  1. He prepares breakfast for you


This guy clearly knows how to be romantic. He knows exactly how you like your coffee, your eggs and bacon. He goes out of his way to ensure you have a nice breakfast in bed. The best thing about him is that he does it on any random day.

He also knows that you don’t like cooking breakfast or that you don’t usually have time to do it in the morning so he gets up a littler earlier than you to make it for you. He wants to ensure you eat a healthy meal and get plenty of energy for the long day at work. Nothing says I love like a man who makes you breakfast for no reason.

  1. He goes grocery shopping and always comes back with a surprise


He might not be in charge of grocery shopping all the time, but when he does go grocery shopping he always comes back with your favorite candy bar, chocolate or treat. It could be that he got you your favorite ice cream, or he bought not only one, but two of your favorite candy bars so you can take one to work next day.

It’s the little things that matter the most and he clearly gets it. this is the right men to be in a relationship with. You want someone who always thinks about you even when they are grocery shopping.

It might be frustrating not to hear those 3 little words but take it from our Philadelphia matchmakers if your boyfriend is doing the things listed above he loves you.