Dating in Philadelphia? How to Pick the Perfect Restaurant

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Do you want to impress your date by taking them to a romantic restaurant with a candlelight dinner for two or perhaps a restaurant with spectacular river views?  Our Philadelphia matchmakers are going to share the ultimate guide to picking the most romantic restaurant in Philadelphia to have an unforgettable date—a romantic date to remember.

A great first date can make or break your relationship.  You have to choose the perfect restaurant if you want to impress your date and show them a truly romantic and unforgettable time.  Read on as our Philadelphia matchmakers show a few of our favorite tips for selecting the perfect restaurant.

It Has to Be Comfortable

No, no, no.  We’re not talking about comfy seats.  Are you comfortable with the place you’re going on a date?  Some restaurants are a little too stiff and regal, and these places might be a little too much for a first date.  You want your date to be comfortable, so don’t choose an uptight and stuffy atmosphere that could make them feel awkward and out of place.

On another note, if you’re thinking about dining at a restaurant where people might know you, beware.  Some people think this is cool because it makes them look popular, but we want you to avoid this and pick a place that is going to cause distractions.  You’ll break the connection every time someone comes up to say hello to you.  It might not seem like a big deal as you’re reading this, but believe us, it’s enough to ruin the mood on your date.

Pick the Right Ambiance

Everyone loves to dine in a great restaurant, and fairy-tales wouldn’t be called fairy-tales if it weren’t for romantic restaurants.  So you know the drill, take your date to a restaurant that boasts a romantic ambiance, such as river, city, and skyline views.  There is nothing like good ambiance and amazing views to make you both feel alive and romantic.

It Should Be Private

If you really want to have an awesome time with your date, then you need your privacy.  Walls and exquisite curtains are a must-have, but it doesn’t end there.  Privacy also includes the chefs, managers, and other diners not butting in your date.  You really have to look for a place that offers private seating so you can get to know your date without any distractions.  The tables should be small enough that you’re close to one another and can easily communicate.  Pick a restaurant where privacy is spelled out.

Top Notch Services

If you want to have a date to remember, you have to pick a restaurant with top notch services.  Is there someone to greet you with a warm smile the second you walk in?  That’s good but not good enough.  You need to choose a restaurant where the service is extremely warm, prompt, and efficient.  Look online for reviews from previous patrons and get a feel for the restaurant.  The service should be impeccable and make you feel like you are a king and queen enjoying a night out.

Perfect Lighting

Everyone loves good lighting.  Good lighting can make you and your date look great and feel confident, which is vital on a first date.  You don’t want to sit at a table with bright lights that make you feel washed out and blind.  You need to pick a restaurant with mellow soft lights that enhance your skin.  You should also be able to see your food well, so avoid restaurants that are too dark.  In every romantic movie you see, you’ll notice the date always takes place at a restaurant that provides candlelight dinners.  Not only is this romantic, but it’s soft and warm and really sets the mood for the entire evening.

Go with Romantic Foods

For a romantic date for two, you want to skip sushi, burgers, and any other foods that are messy to eat.  Most romantic restaurants serve exquisite foods.  Our pick would be Italian or Mediterranean accompanied with a magnificent glass of wine.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  If you’re planning a romantic date in Philadelphia, now you know how to pick a romantic place for two.  Cheers to your upcoming date!

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