Philadelphia Matchmaking | 5 Signs He’s in It for the Long Term

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During the early stages of your relationship, your partner wants to show you the best version of himself and hide away all his flaws. Thankfully, he will eventually loosen up a little, giving you a real peek into his real self and letting his guard down to bring the two of you closer together.

Today, our Philadelphia matchmakers are going to show you the top signs he’s in it for the long term.

  1. He has fun in the bedroom.


This is especially good during the first few times you guys are intimate. If he can have a good time and make you enjoying being intimate with him, that’s a good sign. After all, when you can get comfortable and loosen up, it’s more fun. Laughter will be introduced and it won’t be such as big deal whereas in the beginning, it might have been a little bit awkward. Instead, it’ll just show you the light-hearted side of him.

  1. He invites you to family reunions.


Family reunions may be fun for some people, but for the majority, they are like a chore. Being around families can be draining, even more so if they’re not your own. And if his family is asking you to come to their upcoming summer barbeque, then they’re definitely happy you date their son. If your guys isn’t afraid to introduce you to his loved ones, even if it’s awkward at first, he wants you to be with him during important times.

  1. He can be around you in silence.


Silence can be awkward for new couples, especially when everything is new and fresh, because you worry that it’s a sign you two aren’t compatible for each other. Once you get comfier around each other, though, you realize that it’s cool to sit in silence with your partner. Your partner doesn’t feel the need to have to fill the air with random topics of conversation. They don’t need to impress you or entertain you all the time.

  1. He has pet names for you.


Okay, you may want to rethink if they’re calling you “Baby Fluffy”, but they’re probably calling you some sort of cute pet name by now. The name may even be so ridiculous that they don’t say it when friends and family are around. This is an indicator that your partner is crazy about you and is willing to be silly and vulnerable with you.

  1. He is okay with your flaws.


At the early stages of your relationship, it’s all about being your absolute best with each other and hiding away all your flaws and imperfections. But as the relationship evolves and you and your partner get relaxed, those flaws come out. They go to the gym a little less or they show you their flakiness. Letting you see their flaws is an act of love, meaning they’re planning on sticking around forever. It means that you trust each other to show one another your imperfections.

We hope that you recognize these signs in your own relationship. If you do, hold onto this guy tightly!

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