King of Prussia Dating Tips to Text Keep Her Interested via Text

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Women get a lot of text messages from many guys. We needed to let you know that. Because if you think you’re the only guy texting her, you’re wrong. Nor are you the last guy to text her. Well, maybe you could be if you do things right. If you follow these simple tips for how to text women, you’ll stand out from the other guys.

She’s already getting a lot of text messages from different guys – whether over text or Instagram or Facebook – that she’s overwhelmed with the messages. At this point, she’s just declining or deleting messages left and right. So what you need to do is be that message she replies to. Sounds easy, right?

Well, it’s not that easy. If you think it is you have another thing coming. These tips from our Philadelphia matchmakers will help you jump-start the conversation with her and win her over.

Today, the leading King of Prussia dating service will show you tips to keep her interested via text.

  1. Don’t attack.


We see this all the time. Instead of starting a conversation with the woman, the guy simply starts verbally throwing compliments at her. Listen, she’s a person. Bombarding her with messages telling her how gorgeous she is or how you want to sleep with her isn’t going to get you anywhere. You got her number, which is a huge step. But this doesn’t mean you have a date with her yet.

  1. Get a conversation going.


You want her to be involved in conversation just like if you were having a face-to-face conversation. Ask her questions but don’t list them off as if it was a job interview. Instead, make them natural so they flow in the conversation. Yes, you can do a little flirting, but really this is about you trying to get to know her and vice versa.

  1. Be flirty but don’t go over the top.


We know that you probably have some corny lines you learned in college, but you don’t have to use them right now. Actually, please never use them. You can be flirty with her but you need to see her reaction to your comments. If you’re too flirtatious and she’s not into it, pull back. If you don’t, she’ll distance herself.

  1. Keep things positive.


No, you don’t need to sound all inspirational, but the last thing you should talk about is how you can’t afford to pay your mortgage or how you just had a fight with your brother. Yes, these are real life things and you can talk to her about them down the road, but not right now, you just met her.

If you’re in a bad mood, don’t text her. Let a couple of hours pass instead. After all, it’s better to be silent than to be negative.

  1. There’s a right time to text.


If you text her at midnight, she’s going to think you want her for a booty call. If you’re looking for something serious, never text her past 9 pm.

  1. You don’t have to text all the time.


This seems to be a common mistake when people start texting with someone. They feel if they’re not texting them all day long the person will lose interest. You know what loses her interest? When the guy is always texting. Don’t you work or have hobbies? Don’t you have something to do? Show her that you have a busy life by not texting her constantly.

Use these tips and start texting with purpose!

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