Philadelphia Matchmakers Reveal the Top Things Single People Are Sick of Hearing

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People who are in happy and healthy relationships seem to be more interested in their single friend’s dating lives than their own. With their interest in your love life also comes many annoying questions, such as “You’re a cat; I don’t get why you’re still single at 40.”

And that, of course, leaves you thinking, “Well, Thanks. If I understood why I was still single at the age of 40, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

First thing first: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single, so don’t let your friends bring you down.

Secondly, when someone asks you a rhetorical question about your dating life, it’s absolutely okay to make them regret asking you. Let’s go through a few scenarios when being witty and sarcastic comes into play.

Today our Philadelphia matchmakers are going to show you the top questions single people are tired of hearing.

  1. “It’ll happen when you least expect it.”


Well…not really. Let’s put it this way: You’re just as likely to meet your ideal match during a coffee run on Sunday as you are in the club on Friday night. Kindly let them know that you’re going to continue living your life as you were and look forward to meeting the right person in being the right person.

  1. “Don’t you get lonely on the weekends?”


Well everyone gets lonely, but it’s better to be lonely over being in a miserable relationship. And you can reply with, “Of course! Why do you think I’m hanging out with you?” And take it from us: being alone is way better than being in a toxic or unhealthy relationship.

  1. “Aren’t you worried you won’t be able to have kids?”


If celebrities can have children at the age of 40, then there’s a pretty good chance you can too. Tell your overbearing friends and family that they’re your lady parts, and you get to pick the place and time to have children.

  1. “You should try online dating”


When your friends get excited and remind you that there’s a thing called online dating, you can kindly remind them that you’ve tried it before and it was horrible. Everyone has tried online dating before. If you like it, you’re probably still using it; and if you didn’t, then you don’t need to be reminded. Perhaps you could even ask if your friend would be up for snapping a few pictures of you during the upcoming holiday seasons to use as your new profile photo for your online dating account. Just kidding.

5.”You’re too picky”


There’s a difference between knowing what you want in a partner and being too picky with the people you date. If you only date people who make 100k a year and dismiss those who don’t’ make 100k, you may need to review you must-haves.

  1. “You should let me set you up on a date”


Listen: Unless your friend is a matchmaker, then you don’t need to let her set you up with anyone. Some blind dates do work out but most of the time they don’t.

It’s very important to keep a positive attitude when it comes to dating and being single. Since everyone seems to be so concerned with your dating life, it’s time to get creative with your responses to the generic questions your friends and family will ask you.

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