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If a guy is interested in you, he’s definitely going to make a move and ask you on a date.

But at times, life can be a little bit more complicated than we want it to be. And at times like these, a woman has no choice but to go ahead and ask him out or risk her chances with him.

You may have just broken up with someone he knows, both of you could be old friends, or maybe some other complicated reason.

During times like these, you can drop a few subtle hints, but even if he thinks you like him, he may not have the courage to ask you out.

If you ever find yourself in this type of situation, you may want to know how to ask a guy out and let him know you are interested in him.

Today, our King of Prussia matchmaking service is going to show you the best way to ask a guy out.

  1. Invite him out with your friends.


Do you know the guy well enough? If you do, that’s great. You can skip right to the next step then. But if you’re just getting to know him and are not friends yet, then you need to become friendly first.

The next time you run into to him or are having a monosyllabic conversation, just ask him if he’d be interested in meeting you and your friends over the weekend. Tell him you’re all getting together to go bowling or to the movies. This approach is friendly and doesn’t make it too formal.

  1. Let him know you’re interested.


You don’t have to tell him outright that you are interested in dating him, but you can drop a few subtle hints. When you’re nearing the end of the conversation with him, brush his hair or arm and say something such as, “You are such a great guy, stay this way and I might fall in love with you”

Don’t say things like, “You are such a sweet guy, your girlfriend must be so lucky to have you.” It makes you look like a lost cause. It’s like you can’t ever have him.

  1. Have touchy feely conversations.


Touch him when you’re talking to him, but don’t come on too strong because you could scare him away. A woman who touches a guy a lot is either comfortable with him or overly eager. You’re neither of those things. You’re a classy lady who knows when to touch a guy and when to stand farther away.

Also, don’t flirt too much. It’s not a good look. Yes, you want to flirt but you don’t want to overdo it. Flirt with him but only for a few minutes. Don’t flirt the entire conversation. Never make it too obvious that you like him.

The next time you like a guy, use these simple tips on how to ask a guy out without really asking him out. There’s no easier way to ask a guy out than with these four simple tips.

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