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When you first meet a wonderful guy, it’s hard to believe that things will ever get complicated in the relationship. He’s charming, he’s cute, he’s funny, and the two of you really hit it off. He wants you to be his girlfriend and life is better than it ever has been. How could things ever go wrong?

As everyone knows, relationships are never perfect, and there are many things that can happen that aren’t anything close to what you expected. While there are many relationship issues that will spell the end of the relationship, some won’t seem so bad once you have some perspective and it’s been a while since you broke up. This is when you realize that, while you hated going through those things, you learned a lot about yourself and about the type of relationship you want to be in.

There are many relationships issues that really do hurt you. These take a lot longer to move on from, even if you know that this was the wrong partner for you.

Today, our West Chester matchmakers are going to show you the biggest relationship issues that hurt you.

  1. If he was unfaithful to you.


If your boyfriend cheats on you, that’s a relationship issue that will definitely hurt you. There is no way that it wouldn’t hurt. You trusted someone, you let them in your life, and you were emotionally vulnerable-  and this is what they did to you.

People cheat for many reasons, and people seem to have different opinions about cheating, but one thing is for sure: if someone is unfaithful and disloyal to you, then that wasn’t the right partner for you. If you really love your boyfriend and feel like you’re getting everything you want and need from the relationship, you would never cheat on them and hurt them like that.

  1. Being in a long distance relationship.


Long distance relationships are one of the worst relationships to be in. One person always feel like they’re missing out because some things in life are better done in person. The distance between you and your partner definitely hurts. It can be really hard to make this relationship work.

This relationship issue is absolutely going to hurt you, even if you two are in a committed relationship and respect each other – set time to talk every day and see each other as often as you can. Long distance relationships often lead to breakups because the two partners grow apart.

  1. Your boyfriend’s family doesn’t like you.


It would be wonderful if your boyfriend’s parents, siblings, and extended family would love you and believe you to be the most wonderful woman on the planet. That’s not realistic, though, right? After all, some people just don’t get along. Maybe they are hung up on the girl he used to date before you and think that he should never have broken up with her.

Having your boyfriend’s family hate you is one of the biggest relationships problems that hurts in the long-term. If you two stay together, you’re going to be very upset about this problem. It won’t be easy to deal with, especially if they don’t seem to be the nicest people on the planet and don’t care to hide their feelings towards you.

  1. Disagreeing about starting a family.


Some women dream of being moms since they’re teenagers – and for others, it’s just never something that was in the cards. There is no right or wrong way to feel about this, of course – everyone has their own preferences when it comes to this important subject. But this is one choice that can cause a lot of hurt and conflict in a relationship.

When you and your boyfriend don’t see eye to eye about having kids, it’s a total deal breaker. Someone is going to get hurt and disappointed because staying together would mean that one person must make a huge compromise. If you’re not ready to have a child, you can’t really just have one to make your boyfriend happy. It’s not the best idea.

When you disagree about starting a family, that’s a huge relationship issue to deal with, and it’s one that will hurt you for a long time – it’s one that will usually cause a relationship to come crumbling down.

If you’re struggling through one of these relationship issues, we encourage you to sit down and have a serious talk with your partner. See if you can set a plan in motion to work things out or if it’s best to go your separate ways.

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