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It’s sad. But it’s true. Sometimes love just isn’t enough to keep a relationship alive. Even if your partner feels for you, he might self-sabotage his own happiness. The question is why? It’s frustrating because your relationship could be a very happy one – if only your partner could let his problems go and join the party.

While dealing with a self-saboteur can be difficult, it’s important to realize that there are many different reasons for their behavior. But they have one thing in common: these are their issues, and they need to deal with them on their own.

Often times, relationship sabotage comes from people’s deep beliefs about relationships, such as that all men are bad or all women want to trap men into commitment. These views can come from past relationships experiences.

Today, our Philadelphia dating service is going to show you the ways men sabotage relationships.

  1. They jump in too fast.


Driving headfirst into a new relationship can trip people up. There’s a reason why it’s always said that it’s a good idea to take your time during the early stages of the relationship. It’s easy to get caught up with the excitement of a relationship without really knowing if the person’s right for you or if this is the relationship you want.

A guy who moves too quickly after meeting you might seem really interested in dating you, but he could very well end up sabotaging himself without knowing it. He might get ahead of himself, thinking that he found his true love. By moving too fast and having a whirlwind romance, a guy might also be in search of validation.

  1. They compare themselves to other men.


The guy you’re dating might be the guy of your dreams, but he can sabotage the relationship by constantly comparing himself to other guys. He might compare himself when it comes to how big he is, or when it comes to his life in general. Do other men have more status than him? Do other men earn more money than him? Are other guys better looking than him?

This way of thinking can destroy a relationship because he’ll always wonder if his woman is really happy in the relationship.

It can even become something more extreme, such as if the guy has low self-confidence, then he might assume that his partner is going to leave him for someone better. This can cause him to become very jealous in the relationship.

  1. They don’t follow through.


If you’re dating a guy who doesn’t keep up with his word, this can cause a huge problem in the relationship. You feel like you’re not being heard or appreciated. For example, if you ask your boyfriend to help you with something and he promises you he will but then doesn’t show up because something else comes up. In the early stages of the relationship, a guy who doesn’t keep his word might say he’ll call you or see you the next day, but then not get in touch with you.

Guys who act like this are flaky and don’t know how to be in a relationship. The empty promises and not following up with their word makes them unreliable. Over time, this can cause resentment in the relationship.

A guy who can’t commit to his word is just sabotaging his own happiness because people won’t wait around forever – they won’t stick around waiting for him to step up his game. In fact, a guy who doesn’t follow through is not someone who makes you feel you can trust him or rely on him. After a while, you’ll also start thinking that you can’t trust his feelings for you because you might think that if he really liked you, he’d honor his word.

Whether you’re a woman dating a guy who displays these behaviors or a guy who is guilty yourself, don’t ignore the situation at hand. If you’re a woman dating a guy like this, you need to talk to him and get to the bottom of it. And if you’re a guy guilty of these habits yourself, you need to reevaluate your relationship and change your ways if you don’t want to lose the woman in your life.

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