Villanova Matchmakers | 4 Signs He’s Looking for Commitment

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If your first date goes extraordinarily well, you had a wonderful conversation and found common ground, then he is looking for something meaningful.

Nowadays, the line between a fling and a serious relationship is so ridiculously blurred that it’s hard for women to know what a guy is looking for. Thankfully, there are some pretty easy ways to tell if he’s interested in more than just having sex.

Today, our Villanova matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service are going to show you the top signs he’s looking for commitment.

  1. He keeps it to one or maybe two drinks.


Guys who are boyfriend material are going to be a lot more mature than a guy who’s only looking for a fling. And that means ordering one drink or maybe two. If you’re getting along great and the day is going extraordinarily, well, that’s a great sign that he likes you as much as you like him, especially if he asks you if you’re getting another drink and only order his if you are going to get one too.

You really can tell a lot of about someone from their drinking habits, and if you’re on a first date, you don’t want to be with a guy who drinks like a frat boy and doesn’t remember anything the next day. That’s how you behave when you are out at a party on the weekends in college, not on a first date.

  1. He talks to you for several hours.


A guy who’s looking for commitment will have no problem talking to you for several hours. He will want to talk you longer because he wants to get to know you better.

He won’t mind sitting at the restaurant or coffee shop for 2 hours just talking. He’ll want to get to know you the best that he can so he can figure out if he wants to go out with you again. The evening will be very special, and it’ll mean a lot to him since he’ll know that he can see you being a huge part of his life down the road. And that right there should be music to your ears, especially if you’ve been on a lot of bad first dates lately.

  1. He talks about the future.


When a guy is really into a woman, he’s not going to get scared about talking about the future. It’s easy to assume that most guys don’t like the whole concept of commitment, let alone actually getting into a meaningful relationship since that’s the story that is told in TV and movies.

But guys who are looking for something serious will have no problem talking about the future. He’s going to bring up the future himself. He might mention a movie he wants to see that’s coming out in a few weeks, meaning that he would love to see you again and see that movie with you, or maybe he’ll bring up a new restaurant that just opened in town that he’s been wanting to try.

  1. He tells you about his family.


The guy who wants to make you his girlfriend isn’t afraid to talk about his family. He’s going to tell you about himself and a lot about his family too.

You can always separate a guy who’s only looking for sex from a guy who’s looking for commitment by whether they talk about their family or not. People take their family very seriously and don’t want to talk about their family members and childhood memories to just anyone. They want to make sure that they can really trust they person they are talking to before opening up with something so private. You should feel flattered that he’s opening up to you about his family.

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