King of Prussia Singles | 5 Signs You’ve Been Friendzoned

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Every guy dreads hearing these two words after another, possibly more than any other phrase when pursuing a woman.

While most guys will joke around about getting friend-zoned or try to pretend it could never happen to them, most guys have experienced the friend zone at least once in their dating life.

And quite possibly, they are in denial about it.

Some women are upfront and tell the guy how it is.

However, many other women are much subtler. These women try to be kind and let the guy down easy.

If you’re unsure if you’ve been friend-zoned, don’t worry, many King of Prussia singles are in the same boat. Read on and let our matchmakers help you out.

Today, the best dating service in Philly, Philadelphia Singles, will show you the top five warning signs you’ve been friend-zoned.

  1. You’re so funny.


Even as friends, most women will laugh at a guy’s joke. This is just a completely normal thing to do. If your crush laughs hysterically at your jokes, do not immediately assume that she has feelings for you and is flirting.

But on the other hand, if your lady friend never or hardly ever laughs at your jokes, now would be the time to start worrying that you might not even be friends. You might only be an acquaintance in her eyes.

  1. She asks you about other women.


If your dream woman is always asking you about other women when you hang out, there are two basic thoughts happening here… Either she is trying to find out what type of women you like dating—to see if she falls into that profile or to know if you’re available at this specific time. However, this is the optimistic version. If she isn’t simply asking what type of women you go for and is rather pushing you to talk to other women, then you have every right to worry.

Realistically speaking, she is probably trying to hit towards you pursuing one of these women. Asking about other women is one thing, encouraging you to talk to them is a sign that you’ve been friend-zoned.

  1. She avoids being seen with you.


While out, she avoids being seen with you so people don’t think that the two of you are dating. Maybe you’re wondering to yourself why you see so much of her during the daytime but never at night. She is always busy when you ask her to go out to eat or simply to go see a movie.

But the next day at work, she is Miss Chatty Box with you again. At least you know, she’s only yours during the daytime.

  1. She talks about other men.


Possibly the worst part of being in the friend zone is having to hear the woman you like talk about all the men she’s been with or wants to be with while you are none of them. Knowing these guys aren’t right for her (obviously you should be the one dating her) doesn’t matter, because she can’t see past the nice luxury car, that ripped body, or that beautiful smile.

  1. She always brings a friend.


If you invite her somewhere, she always brings a friend. If this happens once, maybe it was a coincidence, if it happens again then there is no doubt where you stand with her. She has definitely friend-zoned you.

You invite her to see a movie, to grab a bite to eat, or basically invite her anywhere that is remotely private, and somehow she always brings a friend along. This is just another tactic women use to lay it out there that you’re nothing more than a friend. She’s hoping you soon get the hint that she’s not interested in dating you.

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