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Relationships are a lot of work, and anyone that says or thinks otherwise is not being honest with you.  Even seemingly perfect relationships aren’t what they appear to be on the outside.  We are so worried about being social media perfect that we forget how imperfect we (and our partners) actually are. You could be one of the most compatible couples out there, but if neither of you is honest, or someone doesn’t know how to communicate properly, then things can fall apart fast.

It takes the work of two people to make a relationship strong and lasting. But how do you know whether it’s right or not? Connections work off fact and gut instinct. There are certain deal breakers in relationships that need to be taken seriously.

But of course, they are all up to you. Are you able to get over your partner cheating on you? Does their irritating habit of crashing on the couch after work affect you? Do they drink too much on the weekends? Do they have a gambling problem? Are they too complacent in life and make no efforts to improve themselves?

There are many things to take into consideration when you are thinking about leaving someone.  Today the best West Chester matchmaking service is going to show you valid reasons to leave someone.

  1. He Betrayed You


Are you willing and able to trust your partner again after they have betrayed you? You must always have trust in a relationship; otherwise, you will never able to trust your partner.  However, when your partner takes your trust for granted, it is often a sign he doesn’t care about you. Plenty of people make mistakes, but when they knowingly deceive you, it’s much better to call it quits than risk the possibility of a repeat.

If your boyfriend cheated on you, and they confess it to you themselves, then maybe there’s a chance to fix the relationship. They didn’t wait to get caught because their conscious was getting to them, and they knew the betrayal wasn’t right in the first place. However, if you go on a hunt and dig for clues only to find out they were cheating on you, then you should break up with him right now.

  1. He Plays With Your Emotions


Have you ever been in a situation where the guy you’re dating tells you one thing, and then totally changes his story later? Then he tells you that he can see himself falling for you, but he also wants to keep his options open. He may even act a certain way around you when you two are alone but completely different when you are in public. Yeah, he’s messing with your head and your emotions.

  1. You Know You Will Be Better Without Them


You may enjoy being with your current boyfriend from time to time. But truthfully, you often find yourself daydreaming for the good old days when you could do whatever you want, whenever you want without feeling like you had to report to someone. In fact, you’re in a relationship with this man, and yet, you know you will be better off without him.

This might not be just a phase, it may just mean that you two aren’t right for each other, and maybe you should consider leaving him for good. Why would you stay in a relationship with someone if you’d rather be single again, or just without them in your life at all? You need to remind yourself that you don’t need him so you can finally leave him for good.

  1. He Says the Wrong Things


Does your boyfriend constantly say all the wrong things? It’s like he doesn’t even know you at all. Worst of all, if he’s putting you down or calling you names, that’s a big fat sign you need to get away from him right now. You never deserve to be with someone who puts you down and chips away at your self-esteem.

If you notice any of these red flags in your relationship, you know what you need to do: cut the cord! You deserve so much more!

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