King of Prussia Matchmaking Service | 3 Signs He’s Playing

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Everyone’s been through that awkward early stage of a relationship where you just don’t know what you are to someone.  Are you dating exclusively? Is this heading towards a real relationship? Or is it more of a quick fling? Having a conversation can usually clear the air, but sometimes those conversations don’t always give us the clarity we are looking for in dating.

That being said, maybe you’ve met a guy and are starting to fall for him.  You want to see where things will go but aren’t sure where he stands.  If you’re gut feeling is telling you something in this potential new relationship is wrong, you need to listen to your gut feeling and proceed with caution.  Luckily for you, you don’t just have to go off that feeling alone.  Let the #1 King of Prussia matchmaking service, Philadelphia Singles, show you the telltale warning signs he’s just playing with you.

  1. He’s a Forever Bachelor


There’s nothing wrong with being single.  In fact, it’s better to be single than commit to a person you’re not really in love with or plan to be faithful to.  There’s nothing wrong with dating around and exploring your options.  However, there’s a difference between a guy who chooses to date around and one who chooses to remain a bachelor forever.

The forever-bachelor never dates for long.  They’re quick to move on to the next, and never commit to any of them.  And if they do commit, it never really last more than just a few weeks.  If he’s enjoying being a bachelor and has a track record for it, proceed with caution because chances are you’re just going to be another woman on his long list of crushed hearts.

  1. He’s Too Charming


Every woman has a weakness for a guy who can charm her.  Sometimes women convince themselves that they are immune to their charm, but deep down, women know that they are just kidding themselves.  However, exceedingly charming guys are actually red flags for potential relationships with them.  After all, how do you think he became so good at charming women?  Through lots of practice.

Chances are, he has a reputation with the ladies.  When a guy is interested in being with you, no matter how confident he is, he will still be a little nervous to be around you.  If he’s not even slightly nervous and full on suave with you, then he probably isn’t interested in keeping you around for long.  Not all charismatic men are players, just be cautions because mostly only got their charm from being playboys in the dating scene.

  1. He Has A Lot of Female Friends


Let’s be clear here, no one is saying that it’s not okay for a guy to have female friends. However, the warning bells will go off when men are friends with a lot of female friends and vice versa. Why? Simply put, when a guy is only around women he’ll tell you that they are only his friends.  He may even consider them business associates.  In some cases that may even be the truth, but the more female friends he has, the more you should be worried, because you’re probably just another one of his “friends.”

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