Villanova Matchmakers Reveal 4 Signs He’s Going to Cheat

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What’s the most common storyline in a romantic movie or latest TV show? You would probably think cheating since that’s something that happens every day of our lives.  Whether the main character literally walks in on their partner cheating with someone else or three characters are involved a love triangle, it seems like there isn’t a character who is ever truly loyal.

When you enter a new relationship, you can’t imagine your partner cheating on you.  You’re in the honeymoon stage, everything is fresh and exciting, and you really love each other.  Once you’ve been with someone for several months or even years, it’s definitely possible that everyday life gets between you.

Maybe you have suspicions that your boyfriend is cheating, or maybe you know deep down that there’s no way in the world he will ever do that.  No matter what’s going on in your relationship, you’ve totally come to the right place.  Let our Villanova matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service show you the early warning signs your boyfriend is going to stray.

  1. He’s Too Close to His Ex


It’s pretty common to talk about your past relationship after being together for a few months, but it’s always weird.  There’s really no way around this, though, since you’re curious about who he dated in the past.

Hopefully your boyfriend’s last relationship is 100% done and over with.  If he’s still very close to his ex-girlfriend, though, that’s definitely an early warning sign that he still cares about her.  After all, why would you want to stay close to someone if you don’t care about them?

  1. He Still Sees His Ex’s Family


This is even worse than the previous point.  If your boyfriend still talks to his ex, you can tell yourself that’s okay because exes can be friends.  If your boyfriend still hangs out with her parents or goes over for family get togethers, that’s not a great sign.

That’s a huge red flag because it means that he still wants to be a part of her world.  And he just can’t let go of the people close to her.  This would absolutely make you feel furious, and no one can blame you for feeling like that.  If this is the case, it definitely sounds like he wants to get back together with his ex.

  1. He Talks About His Past Relationship All the Time


It’s never a good thing when a person can’t let go of their past.  If your boyfriend never stops talking about his ex and his past relationship, it’s a clear sign he’s not 100% over her.

Maybe he mentions that his ex-loved The Walking Dead when you’re watching it one day, and that seems like a throwaway comment so you don’t think anything of it.  But if that happens all the time, it might be time to worry.  After all, it clearly means she’s on his mind all the time. There’s really no reason for him to bring her up all the time unless he’s still fawning over her.

  1. You Don’t Know Who He’s Texting


It’s totally inevitable that when you’re hanging out with you boyfriend, one of you is going to get a text.  It could be your sister catching up with you or your mom wanting to know where you want to grab lunch on Saturday.  If your boyfriend asks who texted you, of course, you’re going to tell him, right? It would be really weird if you didn’t because you have nothing to hide.

If your boyfriend never tells you who’s sending him messages, that’s proof that he is thinking about cheating on you.  Maybe he changes the subject or just starts acting weird.  He could be texting another women…or he could be hiding things from you.  Either one isn’t great.

If you think your guy is about to stray, it’s time you sit down and have a serious talk with him.  After all, why stay with a guy who is inevitably going to break your heart?

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