KOP Matchmakers | 7 Worst Single Men in Philadelphia to Date

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No one is perfect. We all have our flaws, and you can’t expect the man you date to come not to come with a few flaws of his own. Still, there are a lot of single men in Philadelphia who have a lot of red flags when it comes to dating. These are the guys that no matter what you do will never change. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. If you’re looking for the real deal in love, you have to know which guys to stay away from.

Today, our KOP matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service are going to show you the seven worst single men in Philadelphia to date.

  1. The Momma’s Boy


You want the man in your life to get along with his mother, but what you don’t want is for him to have Oedipal complex. Momma’s boys are very dangerous because it goes beyond regular love for their mothers. If you date a momma’s boy, he will put his mother before you, each and every time.

There’s another problem that comes with dating a momma’s boy: his mother will be very overbearing and controlling in the relationship. And don’t think he’ll stick up for you because whatever his mother says goes.

  1. The Workaholic


There’s a huge difference between being a driven and ambitious professional and being a workaholic. The workaholic doesn’t know how to turn work off. Actually, he doesn’t want to. He would rather be making sales than spending a romantic evening with you. While his ambition and drive might be sexy during the early stages of the relationship, it will quickly get old. You’ll start feeling like you’re not a priority to him since he will always put work first.

  1. Mr. Lukewarm


This guy is not that into the relationship or you, nor will he ever be. Yes, that’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s true. Have you ever changed your opinion on something you felt lukewarm about? Probably not. The same goes with this guy: if he’s lukewarm about the relationship, he’s never going to change. He feels it or he doesn’t, and it’s really that simple.

  1. The Shallow Guy


This guy spends more time in front of the mirror than you do. Oh, and he goes to the gym more than you and has more grooming appointments than you. You don’t want to be competing with him to see who has better skin, better hair, and a better physique. Really, this will get old fast. This guy is consumed by his looks and will be in a constant competition with you. Do not date this guy unless you want to compete for the mirror for the rest of your life.

  1. The Manchild


Netflix and takeout dates are cute every once in a while, but they should only occur every once in a while. Adults do adult things like go for walks, visit art displays, go for hikes and ride bikes, visit vineyards, and go to comedy shows. The manchild would rather sit at home watching movies or playing games.

  1. The Player


He’ll wine and dine you, he’ll hook up with you, and he’ll be upfront that he’s dating other women. The intimacy you share with him is so intense you think he’s going to break it off with other women, but you have it all wrong. The player loves playing and will never stop playing. No matter how great the connection is with you, you are only one part of his harem.

  1. The Selfish Guy


It can be a very blurry line between what you should put up with in a relationship and allowing a man to take advantage of you. Luckily for you, selfish guys come with a lot of red flags and don’t hide them. If he prioritizes himself, then you need to walk away. If he gets angry every time you decide not to give in, leave this selfish guy. If everything in life needs to revolve around him, wake up and realize that will never change.

Ladies, if you’re back in the Philly dating scene and want to find real love, stay away from these guys. If you’re ready to start meeting quality single men in Philadelphia, contact our KOP matchmakers today and let us make the introductions for you. We do rigorous screening and run background checks to ensure everyone is fit and ready to date. We remove the doubts, questions, and uncertainties so you can enjoy dating with peace of mind. Join us today and let us do the hard part for you!

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