King of Prussia Matchmaking Service | 5 Signs He’s a Keeper

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It’s harder these days to find someone compatible.  People are so picky when it comes to choosing someone they want to pursue a relationship with and yet wonder why they’re still single today.  There are certain qualities that you can’t go wrong with, meaning despite your other preferences, you should give him a chance if he has those qualities.

Sometimes you don’t know what you have right in front of you.  But everyone can agree that when it comes to guys, it’s a little harder to distinguish.  Many women tend to overanalyze everything and jump to conclusions too soon.  If you’re unsure if the new guy in your life is a keeper or not, read on as our King of Prussia matchmaking service reveals the top five signs your guy is a keeper.

  1. He Remembers the Little Things


Women tend to make birthdays and other events a big deal when it’s the little things that really matter the most.  If he remembers how you like your coffee, your favorite book, your favorite clothing brand, or childhood movie, then he’s definitely a keeper.  He obviously cares about the little things that matter to you.

It’s always nice when a guy cares and shows it.  This also tells you that he really listens and takes you into consideration.  Having someone who remembers little things about you is rare to find nowadays.  So if you have a boyfriend like this, keep him because he’s relationship-worthy and a great partner for you.

  1. He Cooks Your Favorite Foods


The early stages of the relationship have already passed yet he still makes your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner just because.  It’s nice when a guy does nice things like this and expects nothing in return.  This is completely different than going out to eat and paying for the date.  Anyone can go out to eat and pay, but if he’s taking time out of his day to prepare your favorite foods, then he’s a keeper.

  1. He Calls Instead of Texting You


Let’s face it, everyone is glued to their phone nowadays.  But your boyfriend doesn’t just talk to you via text, he actually calls you.  Guys who are a bit old school prefer to talk on the phone rather than sending out text messages.  If he calls you out of the blue just to see how you’re doing, then you know he’s a keeper.

  1. He Can Watch Movies with You All Day


Sure, it’s nice to go out on an expensive date every once in a while, but sometimes you just want to relax and spend quality time at home.  It doesn’t mean your relationship lacks creativity, it simply means you’re taking some time off to enjoy movies and quality time at home.  If your boyfriend can spend the day watching your favorite movies and expects nothing in return, then he’s definitely a keeper.

  1. He Does Things You Like Even When He Doesn’t Enjoy It


You already know he doesn’t like going for hikes when it’s hot outside, but he knows you do, so he tags along.  That’s a sign he totally wants you.  You can’t make a guy do something he doesn’t want to do.  If he comes along with you even though he doesn’t enjoy it himself, then he’s definitely a keeper.  He is even showing some interest in some of your hobbies too.  This is great because he wants to spend more time with you and doesn’t mind making compromises to see you happy.

So you think he’s the one?  Is the new guy in your life the one you’re meant to be with?  Use these five signs from our King of Prussia matchmaking experts and see how he measures up.

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