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Sometimes guys just don’t get it.  You can ignore him all day long, yet he still comes back around for more.  You can even tell him that you want him to leave you alone and he thinks you’re playing hard to get.  That’s why knowing how to ignore a guy is very important.

There are some guys out there who will pester you all day long and never take a hint.  You won’t be able to get him to leave you alone unless you ignore him.  Thankfully, our matchmakers are here to help you with that.  We get how annoying guys can be sometimes.  You might feel like there’s nothing you can do, but there absolutely is something you can do.  Check out these simple ways to get a creepy guy to back down and stop pursuing you.

1. Don’t respond to his texts.

Never respond, even if you want to tell him to leave you alone, don’t do it.  Once you go there, it’s going to be harder for him to stop.  However, if you don’t reply, he’s eventually going to get hint.  You might find it really hard to resist responding to his messages, but you must do it.  You can even block his number if you want.  Do anything, but never respond to his texts.

2. Don’t answer his phone calls.

If he happens to be calling you all the time, apply the same rule from the text messages and don’t answer him.  Don’t give him hope by talking to him because that’s what happens every time you answer his phone calls… You give him false hope.

3. Block his number.

If both the above methods are too hard for you and he keeps calling and texting you nonstop, then it’s time to block his number.  If you don’t see his name pop up on your phone, you won’t even have to worry about ignoring him.  Just remember, though, he might still try to contact you in person since he can’t get a hold of you through the phone.

4. Delete him on Facebook.

If he can’t get you on the phone, he might next try to reach out through social media.  Delete and block him on all of your social media accounts.  Don’t leave anything open for him to eventually reach out to you.  Blocking him is definitely the best way to combat his persistence.  He will no longer be able to see your stuff or reach out to you.

5. Avoid going to places you know he frequents.

This might be a little hard, especially if you both frequent the same places.  But if you want him to get the hint, then you’re going to have to do it.  Don’t go to the local bar you know he hits up every weekend.  You won’t always have to do this, but you will for now until he’s no longer bugging you.

6. Ignore his friends too.

If he can’t get a hold of you, the next thing he might do is enlist the help of his friends.  So what can you do?  Ignore them too.  It might not be easy if you have common friends.  But you need to try your hardest if you want him to stay out of your life.

7. Don’t acknowledge him.

No matter the situation, don’t give him one hint of attention.  If you do, he’ll keep coming back for more.  If you accidentally run into him at the supermarket, ignore him.

Knowing how to ignore a guy will definitely come in handy in the Philadelphia dating scene.  If there’s a creepy guy who won’t leave you alone, follow these tips to ensure he won’t bug you anymore.

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