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It completely stinks when you meet a new guy you really like, and although things seem to be going wonderfully for a while, he disappears on you.  If your curiosity got the best of you, which we know it did, then you’re probably checking out his Facebook page only to find out he’s already seeing another woman?

There were no signs of this when you were dating, and you felt like you had a real connection with him.  Things seemed to be going amazingly, and he seemed to like you a lot.  So why did he choose her over you?

Many times, a guy chooses another woman based on attraction.  But attraction isn’t the only reason.  There are many things that come into play here.  As the best Villanova dating service, we’re here to clear the air for you.  Let our Philadelphia matchmakers show you why he picked her over you.

1. He Loves Her Confidence

When it comes to finding a partner, men love a woman who is confident.  Maybe you complained a little too much about those extra pounds on your belly, or perhaps you always whined about the little gap between your teeth.  While you were open and honest about your insecurities, the woman he chose was happy and proud of herself.  She never once complained about her insecurities.  And this confidence is what increased his desire for her, which is why he picked her over you.

Think of it this way: would you want to be with a guy who is always complaining, or would you rather have someone who was always positive and confident in himself?  After a long day at the office, men don’t want to be bothered with a woman who needs constant validation.

2. She Never Pressured Him

Men are always pressured when it comes to dating, and that’s why they always pull away and leave whenever a woman starts to question their intentions in the relationship.  Of course, you have every right to know where things are headed.  But if you put too much pressure on him too soon, it will push him away.

The new woman he chose was happy with the way things were going.  She never once pressured him and was busy with her own life, so she didn’t worry so much about the relationship.  She was very busy at work, she spent her free time with friends and family, and in between she went to the gym.  Because she wasn’t eager to lock him down, he wanted her even more.  She never even mentioned the word relationship.  But before she knew it, he was the one talking about a relationship.

3. Compatible Lifestyles

The reason why he chose her over you could be due to the difference in your lifestyles.  If you’re dating a guy who loves staying home on the weekends watching movies, while you prefer to spend the weekends out on the town drinking until the wee hours of the morning, you weren’t compatible.

Men tend to go for women whose lifestyle meshes with theirs.  This cuts out any future tension and problems in the relationship.  If staying at home is his ideal Friday night, then he wants to be with someone who wants the same.

If this is the reason why he chose her, then you definitely don’t need to beat yourself up over it.  It simply means the two of you were not compatible with each other.

So now you know why he chose her over you.  But don’t worry, because the right man will want to be with you for who you are.  Neither of you should have to change yourselves to make the other happy.

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded men in Philly, contact the best Villanova dating service and let us do the matching for you.  We’ll get to know you, your personality, your lifestyle, and everything you’re looking for in a partner, then make introductions with quality men who are a good fit for you.

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