KOP Dating Service | 5 Things You Do That Turn Him Off

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Men and women are completely different creatures, and it’s a miracle that we can coexist (most of the time).  We know it’s pretty hard to understand each other sometimes.  When you’re in relationship, you care about your partner’s feelings, so there are a few things that are better off left unsaid, and this is especially true for men.  Most of the time, they would rather keep quiet than blurt something out and hurt your feelings and harm the relationship.  And since men are a lot less likely to express their feelings, you could be doing things that turn him off and you’ll never even know.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you out so you don’t ruin your relationship.  Today, our KOP dating service will show you five things that are turning him off.  If you’re guilty of these five behaviors, you know what you need to do.

1. Talking badly about everyone in your life.

Sure, every woman needs a good venting session once in a while.  After all, it’s never good to keep your feelings bottled up.  But talking negatively about everyone in your life will only make you look bad in his eyes.  This will bring up major questions about your character, and he might even become a little resentful of your never-ending gossip sessions.  He could even suspect that you’re doing a little trash talking behind his back.  No one likes someone who talks behind people’s backs, so make sure you’re not doing it and turning people off, especially your man.

2. Letting Go of Yourself

We’re firm believers of maintaining your appearance in a relationship.  You don’t have to agree with us, but it’s pretty safe to say that your guy won’t appreciate the fact that you let yourself go after he pursued you and conquered you.  We see a lot of girlfriends taking this route once they’re comfy in a relationship.  Unfortunately, when their boyfriend breaks up with them, they find it tragic.  Men have, and will always be, visual creatures, so make sure you’re caring for yourself the same way you did when you met him.  Don’t give up your hot yoga classes just to rush home to spend time with him.  Continue pursuing your healthy hobbies and putting time and efforts for yourself.

3. Discussing Your Bathroom Habits

It’s not necessary to let your boyfriend know all your bathroom details.  Remember in the beginning of the article when we said some things are better off kept private in a relationship?  Yes, this applies to anything having to do with your business in the bathroom.  When you get in a serious relationship you’re going to get comfortable pretty quickly, and you might feel the need to tell your boyfriend everything.  But is that really necessary?  You need to keep it classy and keep everything about your bathroom activities to yourself.

4. Your Incessant Text Messages

If you continue to text your boyfriend 24 hours a day, you’re going to end up pushing him away.  If you’re living together and you trust him, do you really need to text him that many times?  You know he’ll be coming home to you at the end of the day.  You don’t constantly have to be in touch when he’s having a night out with the guys.  He needs time with his friends without being bombarded with text messages.  One of the quickest ways to push a guy away is to suffocate him.

5. Always Fishing for Compliments

Newsflash, ladies, he’s already into you so you know he finds you attractive.  Do you really need him to tell you how beautiful you are at all hours of the day?  While everyone enjoys validation from their partner, there is such a thing as too much.  A woman who needs constant reassurance will come off as insecure, and insecurity is one of the biggest turn offs for men.  If he wants to tell you how beautiful you are, amazing, but let him do it on his own terms.  Your guy wants to know you’re confident and secure in yourself, so show him that.

How many of these bad habits are you guilty of?  These five bad relationship habits could push your boyfriend away for good.  If you’ve been getting the cold shoulder lately, now you know why.

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