Philly Matchmakers Reveal Signs You’re Heading for a Breakup

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Breakups don’t happen out of nowhere, well, unless someone decides to cheat.  If you’re feeling unsure and uneasy about your relationship, it’s very likely that the sense of separation has already started to grow inside of the relationship.  The reason as to why could be anything, and usually both parties are to blame.

When a potential breakup is slowly growing, it’s not always obvious why it’s happening.  Everyone has their own ups and downs, and whenever life doesn’t go our way, it can spill over to our romantic relationships.  Sometimes we go through phases where our relationship suffers and heals, but sometimes it’s just too late to save it.

As Philadelphia’s best dating service, we know that breakups can be confusing, especially if you were together a long time.  Add in the fear of being alone or single forever and you have a nightmare on your hands.  Today, our Philly matchmakers will reveal the telltale signs your relationship is headed for a breakup.

1. He’s Vague with You

Heading towards a breakup is similar to getting fired at work.  Just as your boss would start assigning your projects to someone else or taking everything away from you, a man who is about to break up with you will be vague about his plans.  You used to know everything he was going to do on the weekends and were invited to join him, even if it was just running boring errands.  But he’s stopped texting you about his plans and rarely asks you to come along.

If you bring it up, forget it.  He ignores it and says you’re just crazy.  This subtle shift in attitude is probably because he doesn’t want to be with you and is distancing himself from you.

2. You’re Not Intimate Anymore

Every relationship will have its ups and downs, especially in the bedroom.  But if your love life has all of the sudden disappeared, that’s a bad sign for you.  This is especially noteworthy if it happens during the early stages of your relationship, where fun in the bedroom is supposed to be exciting and frequent.  If this is happening to you, it often means there is someone else in the picture.  But it can also mean that he has panicked about being in a relationship and is trying to create space between you.

Not everyone is the same when it comes to fun in the bedroom, so there are different factors you must consider.  Try to judge him and see where he stands lately and what changes have occurred.  He could just be frustrated from work or family matters, which is a valid reason for lacking a connection in the bedroom with you lately.  You might need to bring it to his attention and talk this this sensitive issue out to get to the bottom of it without jumping to conclusions on your own.

3. You’re Happy When He’s Busy

Everyone needs a break here and there, even from the people we love the most.  But if your boyfriend says he’s busy and can’t stop over and you’re happier than if you won the lottery, then you have a problem in your relationship.  This could either be a phase or the first clue that you’re truly sick of spending time with him.

If you feel relief that he’s cancelling plans, then you need to figure out why.  If you’ve stopped liking your boyfriend, then it’s time to put an end to this relationship today.

4. You Fight Over the Little Things

If you find that you and your boyfriend are fighting over the little things, then it’s possible that he’s trying to start trouble in hopes you break up with him or to convince you that he’s not the one for you.  Picking fights out of nowhere is a great way to irritate someone and put stress on the relationship.

If you snap back at him and he mentions that the relationship isn’t working, then he is starting the fights in hope they lead to a breakup.

5. He’s Lying to You

If you already know that your boyfriend is lying to you, then you should realize you’re heading for a breakup.  For one thing, you don’t deserve to be with a man who lies to you.  For another thing, the fact that he is lying means he’s hiding something from you.  He could be hiding details of his life, or perhaps he’s hiding the truth about how he feels for you.

It really doesn’t matter what he lies about because a lie is a lie.  Our Philly matchmakers want you to realize you should never put up with a man who lies to you.  If you call him out and he changes his behavior, then perhaps you can work things out.  But if he continues to do it, then you know what to do next.

6. You’re Distracted When You’re with Him

If you’re spending time with your boyfriend and thinking about everything else you could be doing with that time, then it’s clear you don’t want to be with him.  You know the feeling, you’re spending time together on the sofa watching shows, all the while feeling slightly annoyed about it because you can’t answer text messages or respond to emails.  You pretty much wish you could be doing anything else but sitting there with him.

It’s possible that you’re just very career-oriented and connected with your friends, but if you really dislike spending time with him, then you know where you’re heading.  A happy and healthy relationship would never feel like this.  You should want to spend time with him and him with you.

7. He’s a Jerk to You

If he acts like a jerk and treats you like a jerk, then your relationship is headed for a breakup.  A lot of times, women get caught up in the good stuff and let men treat them badly.  If your boyfriend is displaying jerky behavior, then you need to cut your losses now.  Perhaps he’s super attractive, outgoing, and interesting, but he flirts with other women in front of your face or texts them behind your back.

Many women think they can change a man, but if he’s treating you like this, then chances are he’s not going to change.  If he’s treating you poorly, then this relationship will never work.

Sorry that we had to be the bearers of bad news and inform you that your relationship is coming to an end.  But don’t worry, because there are plenty of fish in the sea.  Our Philly matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service can introduce you to relationship-minded men who know how to treat a woman right.

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