King of Prussia Matchmakers | 6 Signs You’re Not His Priority

Everyone has made a few dating mistakes in their romantic lives.  You’ve probably made a few yourself.  But don’t worry, everyone does.  Sometimes we fall for the wrong person and deep down know we need to break up with them.  For whatever reason, we decide to stay in an unhealthy relationship for far too long.  But as we get older and have more dating experience, we realize that we don’t have to settle for less than we deserve.  You know you should be treated like a princess, and anyone who doesn’t do that for you doesn’t deserve. 

Does it feel like you come second to everything in his life?  Well, that ends now.  Today, our King of Prussia matchmakers from the best dating service in Philadelphia are going to show you the telltale signs you’re not a priority in his life… If you notice a handful of these, then it’s time to walk away today.

1. You don’t know his friends and family.

Relationships involve more than just two people.  You should know everyone in your man’s life, including his close friends and family members.  If you introduced your new boyfriend to the people in your life, he should’ve done the same.  It is a huge red flag if he doesn’t introduce you to friends and family.

You want everyone to know about your new love interest; after all, you want their approval.  Ask yourself a question: why isn’t he introducing you to the people he loves?  We know why.  It’s because he doesn’t see you as a priority in his life.

2. You rarely see him.

If you only see your boyfriend on Friday nights, is he really your boyfriend?  Okay, he might be in theory, but he’s not in reality.  If a man always sees you on the weekends but never visits you during the week, then he doesn’t see you as a priority.  You should see your partner all the time.  We’re not saying you must see each other every single day but certainly more than Friday and Saturday.  After all, you can’t have a relationship if it only consists of fun in the bedroom.

He should not only want to see you but talk to you throughout the week too.  If he doesn’t do this for you, then he’s not treating you like a priority.  He has decided you’re only a small part of his life, not the whole thing.

3. He’s shady.

Not all relationships with mysterious guys turn out well like they seem to do in the movies.  If your boyfriend is being shady, he might be hiding something, like the fact that you’re not a priority in his life.  You can’t have a relationship with a man who lives his life in total mystery.  If you don’t know where he goes, what he does in his spare time, and who he hangs out with, then you know nothing about him.  You shouldn’t exactly be spying on your boyfriend, nor do you have to know every minute of his schedule because that would be creepy, but you should definitely know his basic whereabouts and daily routines.

4. He claims he’s always working.

When a guy gives you the work excuse, you know you’re not a priority in his life and a breakup is on the horizons.  So get ready for the breakup talk soon.  If he claims he’s always working when you know he isn’t, he’s hiding something or doesn’t care about you anymore.  You want him to see you as a top priority, because that’s what you will be to the right guy.

If your boyfriend lies about working to avoid spending time with you, that says something horrible about the way he feels for you.  Sorry, but we had to say it.  You deserve a man who would rather spend time with you over anything else in the world.  This guy isn’t good enough for you, so it’s time to kick him to the curb.

5. He plans trips without you.

He wants to visit Brazil but isn’t inviting you along.  His supposed girlfriend should be entitled to that, right?  No, not with him.  He wants to go with his friends or family, not with you.  If your boyfriend plans trips without you, it’s clear he doesn’t see you as a priority in his life.

We know it hurts to hear this awful truth, but it’s best to hear it now.  Of course, there are exceptions, like family vacations or trips he already had planned with his friends, but for the most part, he should want to travel together and experience new things with you.

6. He makes decisions without you.

It’s not that he has to run every decision by you, but he should consult with you on big life decisions, especially ones that include you.  If you have been together for a while and he doesn’t include you when making decisions, then he doesn’t see you as a priority.  If your boyfriend is making big decisions on his own and rarely tells you until it’s all said and done, let alone ask you for advice, then you know where you stand with this guy.  It is a real shame he feels this way for you.  If your boyfriend never runs anything by and never asks your input or opinion, then you know it’s time to move on.

It’s a shame your boyfriend doesn’t see you as an important part of his life.  Our King of Prussia matchmakers know how frustrating it can be to be in a relationship with a man who doesn’t make you a priority.  But don’t worry, because as the leading dating service in Philly, we have a large database of relationship-ready men in Philadelphia who would love nothing more than have a wonderful woman like you as their top priority in life.

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