West Chester Matchmakers Reveal Valid Reasons to Break Up

Why stay with a man if you’re miserable?  You can’t have a relationship where you feel miserable all the time, and you can’t be with someone who drains the life out of you.  As the best West Chester matchmakers, we know you need to be with someone who is supportive and makes you happy… not someone who brings you down.  He should make you happy and bring joy to your life, and if he doesn’t, you need to find someone who will.

Don’t waste another second hoping for things to change because you know they won’t.  End it now so you can finally start a happy and healthy relationship.  We know you deserve one, and once you dump him, we can help you find it.  Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.  If your partner does the following things, it’s time you dump him now.

1. You Fight All the Time

If you find yourself fighting all the time, then your relationship cannot go on for another day.  No one wants to be in a relationship that’s riddled with fights.  If you can’t go a day without a big fight, then your relationship is not healthy.  You and your partner have problems and need to figure them out.  If you’re unable to get to the root of the problems and fix them, they’re going to get bigger and bigger.

The good times in your relationship will be few and far between and totally outweighed by all the fighting and negativity.  If you and your partner fight all the time, then you know it’s time to end your relationship and find happiness elsewhere.

2. You’re No Longer Happy

Your partner should make you happy, not bring you down.  If you are not happy in your relationship and have tried many times to change it, then it might be time for a clean break.  Some people are not healthy together, which could be the case for you and your boyfriend.  Of course, as matchmakers, we know every couple hits a few rough patches at some point, but if you can’t recall the last time you were happy, then it’s time to end your relationship now.

We want you to find someone who truly makes you happy.  You need a boyfriend who puts in efforts every single day.  If your partner isn’t doing those things, then it’s time to throw in the towel.

3. You Look Forward to Being Alone

It’s pretty normal to enjoy time alone once in a while.  Everyone needs it.  Just like spending time together is crucial to a relationship, spending time apart if also essential.  Why?  Because distance makes the heart grow fonder.  The problem comes when you start craving more alone time than time together.  If the thought of spending time with him makes you feel sick and you look forward to being by yourself, then it might be time to put an end to this relationship.

Partners are supposed to be happy when they spend time together, and they should look forward to spending quality time with one another.  If your relationship is new and you’re already getting sick of spending time together, then you know it’s time to end this relationship.

4. You Have Nothing in Common

Everyone has their favorite hobbies and interests they enjoy doing in their spare time.  It would be impossible for you and your partner to have everything in common, and it wouldn’t be healthy either.  But if you have absolutely nothing in common, then this is relationship is doomed for failure.

If you want to fix it, the best thing you can do is show interest in his hobbies and interests and encourage him to do the same for you.  But if you’ve tried this many times and failed, then you know what comes next.

5. Your Family Dislikes Him

Your family members are going to be tough critics of your boyfriend; after all, they don’t want you dating someone who isn’t good enough for you.  Even though you know your parents are hard on your boyfriends, there is a difference between being hard on them and completely disliking them.  If your parents have valid points as to why they believe he’s not the right candidate for you, it might be time to listen to their advice.

If they flat-out tell you there’s something wrong with him—something you’re not seeing—you need to listen to them.  It’s time to take off your blinders and see him for the way your family members see him.

6. Your Friends Dislike Him

Just like your parents can pick up signs that your boyfriend is bad for you, so can your friends.  A major sign that your relationship is doomed for failure is when all your friends dislike your boyfriend.  We guess it all has to do with a woman’s intuition, but if your friends do not like him, then you need to listen to them.  Listen to their concerns and see it from their point of view.  Don’t think your friends are jealous or that they merely feel threatened by your relationship.  Again, it might be time to take off those blinders and see him for the way your friends see him.

You need to listen to your friend’s advice and truly take it into consideration.  After all, if you can’t trust your friends, who can you really trust?  Your friends know you better than anyone else and want to see you happy.

How many of these signs do you see in your relationship?  Is it time to kick him to the curb?  Only you will know.

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