Philadelphia Dating Coaches Reveal Why Marriages End

No one gets into a marriage with the idea of getting a divorce.  Okay, so maybe a gold digger, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.  Generally speaking, we get married with the idea that only death will do us part.  Nevertheless, life works in mysterious ways and pulls people away from each other when they never saw it coming.  As Philadelphia dating coaches and expert matchmakers, we know that many marriages will fail and end in divorce.

But don’t be so fast to blame it all on life.  Most of the time, marriages end because of the two people in the marriage.  It’s hard to accept it and to acknowledge the fact that we contribute to the longevity of our relationships.  Remember, at the end of the day, it takes two to tango.  So even if you do your best, your marriage will fall apart if your partner doesn’t work to preserve the love and marriage, too.

Today, our dating coaches here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service will show you the top reasons marriages end.  The purpose of insightful article is to help you divorce-proof your own relationship or marriage.

1. Poor Communication

“Can you pass me the ketchup, please?” is not the type of communication you need to keep your marriage alive.  Okay, so having kind manners and respect for one another is also essential for a happy and healthy relationship, but we’re talking about much more than that here.  We’re talking about meaningful conversation and open communication.

When you first started dating your spouse, you talked about everything under the sun.  You spent a lot of time chitchatting phone about everything and anything.  After all, the only way you can get to know someone is through communication.  Then, as time goes on and you get comfortable with them (you get into a serious relationship or marriage), communication quickly starts to fade away.

If you neglect talking to your partner and don’t put any efforts into stimulating conversation, you’re going to grow apart and your marriage will end.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for one year or five, you must continue to talk to your partner just like you did in the beginning stages of dating.

2. No Action in the Bedroom

If you ever talk to someone who is divorced, they’ll tell you one of the reasons their marriage fell apart was because their sex life diminished.  Everyday life is already stressful enough, so if you add kids to the equation, then your stress levels go up and your sex life can quickly fade away.

Women might be okay with the idea of their sex life reducing, but this is a big no-no for men.  Sex plays a huge factor in divorces, not only because it is important to men, but because it’s intimate and creates a strong bond.  Once that disappears, men lose the connection they had with their wife and seek it elsewhere.

3. Letting Go of Your Appearance

As Philadelphia dating coaches, we know it’s a visual and superficial world we live in today.  We aren’t saying physical appearances are everything, because they’re not, but it’s definitely important to devote time to your appearance.  Both men and women tend to let themselves go a little once they get married and are comfortable with their partner.  If you caught a prince or a princess, don’t let go of your appearance once the relationship gets comfortable.

In the same way you wouldn’t want your spouse to let go of their appearance, gain weight, or lead an unhealthy lifestyle, they don’t want you to either.  You must continue putting the same efforts into your appearance that you did in the early stages of the relationship—back when you looked the part every time you saw them.  Of course this doesn’t mean you need to be done up to watch shows around the house every evening, but you should put forth some everyday efforts to keep the attraction alive.

4. Falling in Love with an Illusion of Marriage

TV shows, movies, and the media play a big and toxic role in misleading people to what marriage is all about.  Many women, especially, believe that once they get married their lives will be just like the movies.

This is far from true!  Your husband will belch, leave dishes unwashed, forget to take the trash, leave wet towels on the floor, and be moody more than you expected.  Unfortunately, there might even be a few days when you can’t stand him at all.  But that’s because he’s human, not a movie character.  There will be many fights in your marriage, just like there are in every other marriage.  It’s a normal part of life.  Couples who don’t understand this concept will be dissatisfied when their marriage doesn’t live up to their unrealistic expectations.

5. Getting Married for All the Wrong Reasons

As Philadelphia dating coaches, we know there are many bad reasons to get married, such as because they have money, because you feel like it’s your last chance at love, because it’s the next thing to do on your bucket list, because your friends are all married, or because family is pressuring you.  You get the picture, and we could go on and on with the list of reasons not to get married.

You’re supposed to get married because you love the person you’re with and because you’re willing to take them for who they are.  Getting married for the wrong reasons will only lead to an unhappy marriage and ultimately end in divorce—quick and fast, just like the Titanic sunk.

This is why it’s so important to think before you say the words “I do.”  If you’re thinking about getting married, ask yourself a few questions: why are you marrying this person?  Are you making the right decision?  No one will ever be able to answer those questions but you.  So in other words, you hold the key to your own happiness.

Marriages are not easy like they’re portrayed in the movies.  Unfortunately, even couples with the best intentions end up getting divorced.  We hope this blog from our Philadelphia dating coaches and relationship experts helps you divorce-proof your marriage and keep the love alive.

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