Philadelphia Matchmakers Want You to Accept More 2nd Dates

In today’s modern dating world, second dates are becoming extinct (unfortunately).  You hate going on so many dates that lead nowhere, yet you go on a lot of dates hoping it will work out for you soon.  You only want to see someone again if you got to have a good time, laughed, talked endlessly, and felt a true connection.  After all, why would you waste your time going on another date with someone if you didn’t feel those things?  Wouldn’t that be a bad idea?  As Philly’s best matchmakers, we’re here to that’s not always the approach you want to take.

First dates are very nerve-wracking and confusing, and everyone slips up here and there.  Just because you didn’t hit it off and experience vibrant fireworks like in the movies doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it another shot.  If you want to increase your chances of finding love in Philly, you’re going to have to start saying yes to more second, third, and fourth dates… You get the picture, right?

Let our Philadelphia matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service show you the top reasons you need to say yes to more second dates.  You won’t regret it, we promise!

1. You never know what’s going to happen.

Everyone always says “You never know what’s going to happen,” and that’s 100% true when it comes to dating.  You literally have no idea what is waiting for you around the corner, and when it comes to your love life, your future partner could be the person you didn’t feel an immediate connection with on your first date.  Hey, they could even be that guy or woman you swore you never wanted to see again.

If you start saying yes to more second dates, whether that means initiating them yourself or accepting the invitations, then you are increasing your chances of landing a meaningful relationship.  Sure, not all second dates are going to lead to love, but you’re certainly upping your chances of finding it.

2. You need to take more risks.

As Philadelphia matchmakers, we know it’s very risky to continue putting your heart out there.  There is no way that dating wouldn’t be risky since it involves making ourselves vulnerable and putting our hearts on our sleeves.  But first dates, on the other hand, aren’t that risky because you’re only meeting someone new for an hour or so to get to know each other over dinner or drinks.  And even if it doesn’t go the way you hoped (or even it was a complete disaster), you get to go home and never think about it again (or at least try not to).

Second dates are a little bit more risky because you’re getting one step closer to real dating.  If you hit it off on your first date, now you want to make an even better impression on your second date.  If the second date goes well, there is a high probability of a third and fourth date, which means putting yourself out there more and more.  But it’s time you put your fears aside, because if you want to find love, you have to start taking risks.

3. You get to know them very well.

First dates are a little bit of a letdown because you barely get to know the person.  Your nerves (and theirs) are running through the roof and not allowing either of you to really open up and be yourselves.  You get to ask the same old questions you asked a hundred times before.  Where do you work?  What do you do in your spare time?  What are you interests?  And they ask the same about you.  You already had this conversation many times before so there’s not that much excitement.  And since you’re nervous, and they’re nervous too, everything is going to be a bit awkward.

However, if you say yes to second dates, it gives you the opportunity to open up since you already got past all the awkward stuff.  You won’t have those first date nerves because you already conquered them.  Now you’re going to feel more comfortable and hopefully get to know them better to find out if there is a true connection between you.

4. You need to make it a habit.

You can make anything in life a habit as long as you incorporate it into your routines.  If you are only used to saying yes to first dates that lead nowhere, then that’s probably what you’re comfortable with.  In other words, that’s your routine because it feels safe.  You have figured out that if something happens, cool… And if not, no big deal.  But you should get out of that comfortable routine you’re in right now because that’s not how you’re going to find love.

As Philadelphia matchmakers with years of experience, we want you to start saying yes to more dates and to get into the habit of going on more second dates, even if you didn’t feel an immediate connection with them on the first.  It is the smart thing to do and will increase your chances of hitting it off with someone and finding the love you’re looking for.  As long as your date isn’t rude or disrespectful, they’re worthy of a second chance, and that’s a habit you need to get into.  The more second dates you start accepting in your dating life, the better your chances of landing a great relationship.

5. You don’t have to be that picky.

When it comes to dating, the people who are too picky end up single, and that’s not what you want to be, right?  Of course not, that’s why you’re here reading this dating blog.  Now, we hope that you know that no one in the world is perfect, not even you.  Sorry to say that, but it’s important to realize in the dating world.  You can’t expect for the people you date to be perfect.  Everyone has flaws and quirks, but that’s what makes them interesting and unique.  Learning to be more accepting and less judgmental will lead you to have a much healthier and positive attitude towards dating.

Instead of nitpicking and finding a reason why you don’t want to see them again, focus on the good things about them and why you want to say yes to a second date.  If you can go on more second dates and put more effort into your dating life, you’ll stop picking people apart and actually see the good things about them.  And when that happens, you’ll be one step closer to finding true love.

Now that you know the top five reasons why you need to say yes to more second dates, it’s time to let our Philadelphia matchmakers arrange a first date that will have you craving a second one.  Fill out the quick and easy survey at the top of the page to arrange your FREE comprehensive (90 minute) matchmaking consultation today.  Let us provide you with one-on-one dating coaching, a personalized dating plan, and quality dates with compatible matches!