KOP Matchmakers | Signs You’re Tired of Dating in Philadelphia

Are you single and looking for love in Philly?  If you’re single, your number one purpose in dating is to find a partner to settle down with.  You might be okay with your life today and not want to give up anything, but you still want someone to spend your life with.  You want to meet others singles because you know that’s the only way you can start a relationship.  You want to meet as many people as you can and see if you connect with them.  In practice, though, dating in Philadelphia is stressful and can eventually cause you to feel burnt out.  As the leading KOP matchmakers, we know that sometimes love seeking singles in Philly reach a point where they’re totally tired with their dating life.

Many singles in Philly can’t fathom the thought of another date because of horrible past experiences, and this feeling grows with each bad date.  Today, our KOP matchmakers are going to show you the signs you’re getting tired of dating in Philadelphia.

1. You Start Getting Allergic

Honestly, the thought of going out on another date is enough to send you into an allergic reaction.  No, just kidding.  But it does feel that way sometimes.  Back in the day, when you were newly single and out of a relationship, you couldn’t wait to go out on a date because things felt fresh and exciting.  You might even say that it was fun.  Now, though, you can’t stand planning another date, and even the thought of one has you stressed out.  Your optimism has gone out the window.  You can’t even muster up the energy to get slightly excited.

2. You Dread 1st Dates

As the leading KOP matchmakers, we know that when you start to dread first dates, that’s when you’ve reached the point of dating burnout.  At this point, you’re completely exhausted from dating.  It’s likely that you come down with a bad illness of dating burnout, and the only cure for it is to take a small dating break.  You know deep inside that your soul mate is out there, but the thought of another first date is enough to send you over the edge.

You hate dating because all the dates you’ve recently been out on have been bad.  You gave it your all but nothing worked.  You do want to stay positive but don’t know how when nothing seems to go your way.  So now you find yourself feeling down and out about dating.

3. You Bring Your Friends Down

Your best friend just texted you and told you they had a first date coming up Friday.  They’re super excited because they think they’re going to hit it off with this person.  They are optimistic and positive about the dating life, but you aren’t supportive of them or share their excitement and happiness.  No, you try to bring them down because your dating life isn’t working out.

You can’t help but to bring your friend down because you’re dating life is lacking sunny days.  You are turning into a bad influence for them.  It’s hard to see your friends happy when your dating life isn’t what you want it to be.  You want them to be in the same boat as you.

4. You Don’t Remember What a 2nd Date Is Like

What’s a second date, you ask yourself.  But you’re not kidding here.  You haven’t gone on a second date in a very long time.  Your calendar is filled with first dates, but that’s where it ends.  You don’t even know what it feels like to connect with someone on a deeper level and agree to a second date.  You had them once upon a time but not in a while.

You can’t remember that second date feeling, let alone those magic sparks.  You can’t even remember a good make-out session or an end of the night kiss.  When second dates are getting few and far between, you know you landed yourself in a dating burnout.  The problem is, if you want to find love in Philly, you need to continue dating despite all the bad first dates.

5. You Take Too Many Dating Breaks

You know that taking dating breaks is important to your dating life.  They are just as important as going out on dates.  Hey, you’re a normal person, not a dating machine that can go on unlimited dates without getting tired.  So it’s okay to take a small break when you need to clear your mind.

The problem now is that you’re taking too many dating breaks and are focusing your attention on other things besides dating.  You know you’re getting dating burnout when you don’t have any dates on the horizon.  It’s becoming harder for you to build up the courage to get back in the dating scene again.  And when you do, another bad date sends you into yet another dating break.

6. You See the Same Thing Over & Over

You’re probably going on too many bad first dates when all you’re seeing is the same people again and again—the same excuses, bad behaviors, and flaws.  You might feel like you have a serious string of bad luck because you encounter the same type of people again and again.  If you keep dating the same type of people and encountering the same type of personalities, it’s no wonder you’re getting tired of dating.

More than that, though, if you keep seeing the same type of singles, you’re likely going to get tired of dating altogether.  You want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but as soon as they start acting like previous dates, you’ve had it with them.  But, honestly, why do you keep attracting the same type of people?

If you’re single and have been for a while, chances are you’re going to get dating burnout.  It happens to everyone.  Dating in Philadelphia can get exhausting at times.  Swiping and meeting people through mobile dating apps, mingling at bars, and navigating the sea of singles online can get downright frustrating and leave you feeling hopeless.  But don’t worry because you have another option, a simple way to meet quality singles in Philly who are also looking for real love.

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