Exton Matchmakers Top 7 Signs You’re Coming on Too Strong

When you’re really into someone and you feel like they’re the one, it’s easy to come on too strong.  All the feelings you have for him can cloud your judgement and make you do things that will turn him off and push him away.  Believe us, the things you do would probably turn you off if a guy was doing them to you.  Whether you’re calling him several times a day or being too eager to spend time together, if a man notices that you’re coming on too strong, he will give you some physical and non-verbal cues to let you know you’re coming on too strong.

As the top Exton matchmakers, we don’t want you to miss the opportunity to find love.  If you’re scaring men away, maybe it’s because you’re coming on too strong.  Keep reading to find out the telltale signs you’re coming on too strong in the Philly dating scene.

1. He Avoids Time Alone with You

If you are coming on too strong, the guy you’re seeing is not going to want to spend time alone with you.  Going on one-on-one dates will be the last thing on his mind at this point.  He probably loved spending time with you before—you know, before you started coming on too strong.  So instead of one-on-one dates, he now suggests a group setting type of date.  Little do you know, he’s now using his friends to create distance between the two of you.

2. He Doesn’t Give You Compliments Anymore

One of the most obvious signs the guy you’re seeing is pulling away is the change in his behavior when he’s with you.  When the two of you first met, he would tell you how beautiful you were every day.  You loved the compliments that came from him but rarely hear anything like that from him now.

As soon as you come on too strong, his behavior will change.  Sure, he still thinks you’re beautiful, but you crossed the line.  If he went from showering you with compliments every time you were together to giving you none, that’s a sign you came on too strong.

3. He Avoids You in Public

When you’re dating a guy and he’s into you, he’ll be excited to see you all the time.  When the two of you run into each other at a local coffee shop on a Saturday afternoon, he’ll walk up to you and say hello.  The two of you will probably spend a few minutes talking.  But when you’re coming on too strong, he will avoid you like the plague.

By coming on too strong, you completely turned him off.  So, of course, he doesn’t want to see you or spend time with you now.  If he gives you too much attention in public, he thinks you’ll get the wrong idea and come on even stronger.

4. He Doesn’t Stay Around for Long

You probably think he’s all into you because he came to your house late on a Friday night, but you got it all wrong.  A man who only comes to see you at night, and only for bedroom fun, is not really into you.  He is only keeping the interactions brief and getting what he wants.  He knows that if he stays too long, you’ll start to come on too strong again.

5. He Avoids Commitment Talk

Women who are eager to be in a relationship discuss commitment too soon and end up scaring the guy away.  If the two of you have only been seeing each other for a week or two, there is no place for commitment talk just yet.  If you are already discussing commitment and getting serious, you’re coming on too strong.

By continuing to talk about commitment, you’re putting him in an awkward situation.  You already made it clear that you’re looking for a committed relationship, and that’s good and all, but you’re coming on too strong and potentially turning him off by talking about it all the time.  He could be ready to be in a relationship but never make him feel pressured.

6. He Avoids Your Text Messages

Any man who is into you will want to continue communication, which includes text messages, social media, and emails.  But if you’re coming on too strong, the last thing he’ll want to do is reply to another text message, email, or comment.  If he is dodging all your phone communication, that’s a sign you’re coming on too strong.

If you are flirting with a guy by liking every single one of his pictures, commenting on all his statuses, or sending him countless messages throughout the day, then you are coming on too strong.  He probably thinks that you don’t have a life of your own, which will make him fearful of suffocation if he gets into a relationship with you.

7. He Always Has an Excuse

It’s completely okay for women to ask men out on dates.  No longer do you have to wait for him to ask you out.  If you want to go out with him, there is no stopping you.  But there is a difference between being a confident woman who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants and being overly aggressive and coming on too strong.  If you’re constantly asking him to hang out with you and he always has an excuse as to why he can’t make it, then that’s a sign you’re coming on too strong.

Men are natural born hunters; they love the pursuit of a woman.  But when you come on too strong, you ruin it for them.  Men love a woman who can occasionally take the lead, but if you’re doing it all the time, and you’re doing it in an aggressive way, our Exton matchmakers know you’re going to scare many men away.  Being too forward is going to backfire on you.  So if he is dodging your date night invitations with excuse after excuse, you’re coming on too strong.

How many of these signs do you see in yourself?  Don’t miss a wonderful opportunity with a guy by coming on too strong.  If you loved this article and it has opened your eyes and helped you realize you were coming on too strong with men, like it and share it with your friends.  Maybe a friend of yours is coming on too strong, too.

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