Macungie Matchmakers Help Philly Singles Pick the Best Date

What’s the best first date in today’s dating world?  This is perhaps the biggest question our clients ask us here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service.  It is a hot debate.  It’s hard to know where you should go for your first date.  Should you head out and grab a coffee on a casual weekday afternoon, or should you head out for drinks on a Friday night?  As the leading Macungie matchmakers, we are totally cool with both of them and suggest these ideas to some of our clients.

It is totally up to you, and it all depends on when your date is taking place and what time.  You don’t have to stress over the location of your date.  Dating is already hard enough, so you don’t want to add extra stress to it.  So don’t let the choice of your first date bring you down; instead, focus on having a good time.  To help you out, our Macungie matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service are going to show you how to choose the perfect date.

1. Go with Your Vibe

Want to have a cool and laidback vibe for your first date?  Then you might want to take a raincheck on the alcohol and grab a cup of coffee instead.  Head out to your favorite coffee shop or check out a new place (going to a new place will create new memories with your date).  You never know, this might be your last first date.

If you want to have a chill vibe, then you can’t beat a coffee date.  On the other hand, if you want to let loose and have fun, then go ahead and go with the drinks on a Friday or Saturday afternoon.  It is totally up to you what type of atmosphere you want.

2. Pick the Time of the Day

This one might be obvious, but we have to mention it anyways.  If you want to meet your date on a Sunday afternoon, then drinks might not be appropriate at that time.  During this time of the day, most people will grab coffee.  However, if the day is super nice and the sun is shining bright, then go ahead and go for drinks.  But you can still have fun at an outdoor café’s patio with no alcohol involved.

If you’re more of an evening type of person, then drink dates might be more your style.  There is nothing wrong with either option, and you’re not a nerd for going with the cup of Joe instead of drinks.  Sure, sometimes you might meet someone for an after work coffee, but most people like to head out for a drink after a long day at the office.  But again, that is totally up to you.

3. Decide If You Want an Activity Date

If you’re fed up with boring first dates that involve sitting at a table facing each other for an hour or two, then an activity date is exactly what your dating life needs.  And maybe you want that to take place on a Saturday afternoon, which is completely okay.  If you want more of a first date activity then coffee date is what you need.  Since you can get coffee on-the-go, you can do pretty much anything you want with your date.

You and your date can grab a cup of Joe or java and head out sightseeing downtown or go to a local park and feed the geese.  But if you’re nervous and worry about activity dates, then an on-the-go coffee date might not be for you.  Everyone is different and each person has their own choices and preferences.

4. Go with What Makes You Feel Comfortable

Here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service, we always tell our clients to go with whatever they feel comfortable doing.  There is nothing wrong with sticking to your comfort zone sometimes.  If you’re comfortable meeting someone for drinks after work, then go ahead and do that.  You don’t have to change things up and go out for coffee instead just because that’s what your best friends are doing nowadays.  After all, you wouldn’t quit your job because your best friend did.  You just wouldn’t… At least we hope you wouldn’t.

Don’t let your friends talk you into something you’re not comfortable with.  Just because something worked for them doesn’t mean it will work for you.  On the same note, just because they think coffee dates are boring, doesn’t mean they’re boring to you.  We know they’re just as fun as going out for drinks.  It all depends on who you are and who is sitting across from you.  The key is to choose something you’re both comfortable with.

5. Talk to Them

If you’re really not sure where to head out for your first date, then why not talk to your date about it?  Yes, reach out to them and see what they want to do.  If you want to switch things up and do something other than coffee or drinks, run it by them.  Some Philly singles are also growing tired of coffee dates and want to do something different, too.  Perhaps you can go bowling, ice-skating, or miniature golfing.  You just never know what your date is going to say or what they’re thinking, so there’s nothing wrong with asking them.  If you’re a guy, you want to show your date that you’re able to take the lead and willing to put in the efforts, so don’t just ask what they want to do.  Instead, we urge you to come up with ideas of your own and run it by them to see how they feel about those ideas.

6. Switch Things Up

If you’re getting bored with first dates, no one blames you for wanting to switch things up.  It’s hard to be excited about meeting someone new when you constantly keep doing the same thing.  Maybe it’s time to start switching things up every other date.  If you have a date coming up, then go ahead and go for a coffee date this week and try a drink date the following.  There is nothing wrong with going back and forth.  One of these times, you’re going to get it.

So what are you going to do next time around, go out for coffee or to grab a couple drinks?  Our readers would love to hear what you have to say.  We hope we helped you with your decision and wish good luck!

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