Philadelphia Dating Service | What Men in Philly Want in a Wife

Come here, just you.  Come a little closer…  We have something to tell you.  Are you sick and tired of trying to figure out what men in Philly really want in a woman?  It seems as though we’re not communicating like we used to, not only in life in general, but when it comes to dating and love, too.

Yes, it can be very difficult to read men nowadays because they don’t express their feelings like they used to.  But don’t worry, as the leading Philadelphia dating service, that’s what we’re here for.  We work with marriage-minded men on a daily basis, so we know firsthand what they want in a wife.  Men tell our expert matchmakers all the traits, qualities, and characteristics they desire, so get ready to find out as we share those secrets with you!

1. Kindheartedness

A kindhearted woman is a loving and caring woman who will always take care of her man.  When she comes into the room, he has no choice but to smile because her kindness makes him feel happy and delighted.  A woman who radiates warmth from her heart can turn any today into a good day, and this is the type of woman every man dreams of having by his side for the rest of his life.

2. Ambition

Despite what many people believe, relationship-minded men are not intimidated by a successful woman.  In fact, many men want their woman to be ambitious.  So, yes, you heard it from us, one of the top things men look for in a wife is ambition.  They want a woman who is career-driven and goal-oriented, so make sure you show him how determined you are and impress him with the goals and dreams for your future.

3. Family-Oriented

A woman’s desire to start a home and have children is one of the top things men want in a woman.  Not only should she be career-driven, but she should also be family-oriented and ready to settle down.

4. Understanding

Being compassionate, supportive, and encouraging with your man is a huge part of creating a successful relationship.  No man in the world wants to be stuck with a Debbie Downer who isn’t understanding and doesn’t support him in life.  Life will bring on many challenges, and he needs to know you’re going to be by his side—encouraging him and cheering him on.

5. Consistency

Think of consistency as the opposite of irrational.  If she is irrational or unpredictable, he will never know how she will behave from day to day, which is a scary thought.  No matter how beautiful she is, this will get old.  Believe us, as the top Philadelphia dating service, we know that no man wants to be involved with an unpredictable woman.

Another way to be consistent is to always be authentic.  Don’t act like someone you’re not during the early stages of the relationship and show him who you really are later on.  Being consistent is a trait every man looks for in a wife.

6. Trustworthy

Men want a wife they can trust, someone they can tell everything to and not have to worry about being judged.  Trust is a huge factor for everyone, even in casual dating, so it’s even more important when a man is looking for a life partner.  Show him you’re trustworthy, honest, and that he doesn’t have to worry about being vulnerable with you.

7. Shared Values

Our values come from our upbringing, and these are the things that are important to us.  They are the things we believe strongly in and stand firm behind.  It doesn’t matter how strong of connection you have with someone, or how well you get along with them, if your values don’t align, you’ll never be able to have a successful marriage.  Similar values equals wife material, but don’t compromise your own values for someone.

8. Relationship Efforts

Sometimes the romance wears away, especially in a long-term relationship, but that shouldn’t stop you from putting in the efforts it takes to keep it alive.  If you want to make your relationship work, it takes consistent effort to keep things going.  It can be as simple as planning a date night or surprising your partner with little things from time to time.

Men like to date women who put in the same efforts as them, not only in the beginning stages but as the relationship progresses… Now, that’s wifey material.

9. Physical Attractiveness

Yes, both men and women want to be physically attracted to their partners.  However, attractiveness is a very crucial ingredient to a marriage.  We’re not suggesting that women need to be like the models in magazines in order to be considered wife material, but looks play a huge role.  Every man desires something different in a woman and all have their own personal tastes and preferences.  You want to show men that you care for yourself and take pride in your appearance.

10. Friendliness & Sociability

Men enjoy being social and want to have a wife who comes out with them in social settings.  Whether it’s hanging out at a friend’s get together, family functions, or work events, every guy wants a friendly woman who can have fun while they’re out mingling.  No man wants to be worried about his woman’s attitude when out in public or when he is introducing her to friends and coworkers.

11. Good Sense of Humor

As the leading Philadelphia dating service, we know how important it is for women to have a man who is funny, but we also know it’s equally important for men.  Really.

If a man has a good sense of humor, he would be lost with a woman who is always dry and stiff.  Furthermore, it can create tensions in the marriage because if she’s too serious.

It is important for a couple to be able to have a good time together.  Whether it is being playful or sharing jokes, a good sense of humor will lighten the mood in the relationship and make things fun and lighthearted.  Ladies, if you want to be wife material, make sure you have a good sense of humor and are able to go with the flow.

12. Love & Affection

Well, this one doesn’t need to be said, but we’re going to say it anyways.  All men desire a woman who is loving and affectionate.  Being loving towards him will bring a warm and lovey feeling into the relationship.  You simply can’t have a relationship if you’re not loving with your partner.

Ladies, there you have it, the top 12 things men in Philly desire in a wife.  We challenge you to find a man in Philadelphia who disagrees with this list—you won’t find one.  Here at Philadelphia Singles, every man we’ve talked to over the years has mentioned these very important traits and characteristics.  So come on now, if you want to be wife material, make sure you’re showing him you’re all the things above.

If you believe that you’re wife material but are having a hard time finding marriage-minded men in Philly on your own, fill out the survey at the top of the page and reserve a complimentary (90 minute) consultation with one of our expert matchmakers today.  Let the best Philadelphia dating service do the hard part of dating and help you find the man of your dreams!