The Best Places to Meet Single Men in Philadelphia in 2017

The dating world is no longer simple like it used to be.  Nowadays, it’s very hard to meet relationship-minded single men in Philadelphia.  There are men everywhere you turn, but it’s difficult to meet like-minded men with whom you’re compatible, the ones who want a relationship—or better yet, the ones you could imagine spending the rest of your life with.  Now, the debate is still out there: are there just less men interested in relationships or are they just hard to find?

As the leading King of Prussia matchmakers, we know that quality men are out there, but they’re difficult to find because they don’t frequent places the usual players are known to congregate.  But don’t worry, because we’re here to help you out.  Today, our matchmakers are going to show you the top places to meet relationship-ready single men in Philadelphia.

Top Places to Meet Eligible Single Men in Philadelphia

Are you looking to meet quality men in Philly?  Then check out these expert matchmaking tips from King of Prussia’s top matchmakers.

1. At the Gym

You’ll probably meet relationship-minded men in the gym.  Why?  Because they know how important it is to take care of their body and are committed to doing so.  So the next time you go to your gym, head to the weight room and see if anyone catches your eye.

2. Tech Stores

Most men are in love with technology, and there’s no denying that.  While the ladies like makeup and clothes, men are always up-to-date with the latest tech gadgets.  So who is to say you couldn’t meet an awesome guy the next time you go to upgrade your cell phone?

3. A Campaign

Whether it’s for politics or a charity organization, campaigns are another great place to meet quality men in Philadelphia.  If you are passionate about a cause, then attend the next event.

4. A Farmers Market

There is nothing better than fresh local produce, and if you are a health fanatic, then you already know that.  The next time you hit it up one of the many farmers markets in Philly, keep your eyes open for eligible men and strike up a conversation.

5. A Bookstore

Do you love to read?  Then why not check out the local bookstore for the latest novel, while scooping the scene for eligible men?  You could be interested in the same genre or author, which will be a bonus for you.  But even if he doesn’t like the same things as you, you at least know he is intellectual because he likes to read.

6. Sports Games

Are you into sports?  Are you athletic?  Why not check out intramural sports in your town?  Not only will you be in contact with guys who are healthy, because they’re into sports, but you’ll meet competitive guys too.  In other words, men who have passions and interests in life.

7. A Local Coffee Shop

Many business-oriented men in Philadelphia visit coffee shops in the morning and during lunch.  The next time you’re in the mood for a cappuccino or a latte, stop in at the local coffee shop and check out the eligible men there.

8. A Steakhouse

Just like women love their chocolates and desserts, men can’t get enough of their meat.  A lot of men are very passionate about steak and meats, so if you want to meet single men in Philadelphia, check out a steakhouse next time you’re hungry.

9. A Religious Institution

Do you want to meet relationship-minded men who have strong core values and beliefs?  Then there is no better place to meet them than at a religious or spiritual institution.  These are the type of men you can take home to meet your parents.

10. Through Friends

Your friends provide a wonderful opportunity to meet new men.  Your social circle could be the best place to meet quality men in Philadelphia, so the next time a friend suggests a date, don’t turn them down.

11. Local Parks

Do you have a dog?  Then you can use your furry little friend to meet eligible men in Philly.  How?  By taking them out for walks or visiting a dog park.  Many men take their dogs out for exercise, which gives you the perfect opportunity to meet them, and it won’t be hard to strike up a conversation with help from Fido.

12. Art Galleries

Are you an art fanatic?  Do you have a thing for paintings or sculptures?  Then head out to a local art gallery and see if you can spark something with eligible men.  While you are admiring a particular piece, don’t be afraid to start a conversation with the gentleman next to you.

13. Winetasting Events

Wine, beer, and whisky tasting events are the newest and hottest places to meet eligible men in Philadelphia.  The best thing about this one is that the two of you already have in common, which you can use as a conversation starter.

14. A Running Club

Do you like to run?  Then get fit while meeting single men at the same time.  Even if there aren’t any single men in the group, you can always meet a female friend who can introduce you to someone who is perfect for you.

15. The Hardware Store

Just like you frequent the mall on the weekends, men frequent the hardware store.  This is a man’s turf, and since you don’t know much, you can always go to them for help.  He might be able to help you find the tools you were looking for to handle a project at home and give you some pro tips on how to get it done.

16. Through a Matchmaking Service

Do you want to meet single men in Philadelphia who are relationship-minded and ready to settle down?  There is no better way to meet commitment-minded men in Philly than with the help of a professional matchmaking service.  You can save yourself a lot of time and efforts by outsourcing your romantic life to one of our King of Prussia matchmakers.  We will narrow down the candidates and introduce you to relationship-worthy men.  This is also a great option for women who are introverts or just too busy to look for love on their own.

Your interests can lead you to great places to meet eligible men in Philadelphia.  But if you don’t have time to search on your own, it’s time to let our expert matchmakers do the hard part for you and introduce you to desirable single men in Philadelphia who are a great fit for you.  Simply fill out the private form on our homepage to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation to get started today!